Two-way processing

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Two-way processing

"Usually everything is running smoothly but perhaps not this time". Your customer has placed an order and completed the payment. After the payment, your customer will return to your webshop but the webshop seems to be unavailable.

Or... your visitor pays, but the communication between the payment method and the banks with, for example, iDEAL and Rabobank has failed due to a malfunction. You don’t need to worry about this with PAY.’s two-way processing feature. We will inform you about the correct status with the two-way processing communication URL as soon as the status has been confirmed by one of the parties involved.


How does it work?

One of our strongest features is the way in which we communicate the status of your payment to the webshop technology that you use. It goes without saying that you can request the status of a payment yourself but the two-way processing method is much safer. With this feature we update your system about the status of the payment. Your system will then reply whether the message was received. This way we know that everything is processed correctly.

If your system is temporarily unavailable, you are sure that the transaction will be processed correctly as soon as your system is available again.

With the help of graphs and overviews in our Admin Panel, we display the communication between your system and the system of PAY.


The two-way processing feature is a standard feature in every package.


No extra fee is charged for the use of the two-way processing feature.

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