Automatic refunds from ecommerce platforms.

With the refund feature, you can refund (part of) a transaction to an end-user.

Through Pay. you can make 2 types of refunds:

  • Refund of a transaction
    With a refund, the details entered by the customer are used for the refund. The refund(s) will be linked to the relevant transaction, so you can immediately see that a particular transaction has been refunded fully (REFUND) or partially (PARTIAL REFUND).

  • External refund
    Sometimes an 'external refund' is preferable. An external refund is not linked to a particular transaction, which means that you can determine the amount of the refund yourself. However, you will need the IBAN number and the account holder's name to make the refund.
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Extended reports

Increase your conversion with Pay.'s insights and reports. Get all the data you need with extensive filter and search options.

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Recurring Payments

Set up recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships with Pay.'s Recurring Payments feature for optimal efficiency.
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Conversion optimisation

Google Analytics Sync. by Pay. ensures that the transaction data in Google Analytics is synchronised with the data in the backend of your webshop.

Pay by Link

Create payment requests. Send them to your customer from the Pay. admin panel. Your customers decide which payment method they want to use.

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