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Omnichannel payments with Pay.

A uniform brand and payment experience on all your sales channels. Online and in-store.


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Payments are essential for an omnichannel customer journey. You can gain valuable insights and offer an omnichannel shopping experience by handling all in-store and online payments consistently.

The line between online and in-store shopping is blurring. Customers expect sales channels to be connected: ordering online and collecting and paying in-store, self-scanning and paying in-store and having it delivered to their home address, or buying online and returning it to the shop. With our uniform online and in-store transaction processing, Pay. allows you to connect all sales channels.

Why omnichannel payments with Pay?

With Pay. you connect sales channels through uniform online and in-store transaction processing. Moreover, Pay. offers a straightforward reconciliation for all payments. And you always have detailed customer insights in one place, no matter how your customer pays.


The same experience on any channel

Extend your brand experience and offer a similar payment experience on every channel. All transactions conveniently come together on the Pay. platform.


Gather valuable insights in the customer journey

Gain insight into your customers' buying and paying behaviour. Generate real-time reports per webshop, payment method, period and more.

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conversion-enhancing features

Smart checkout & routing, recurring payments, and data-driven financial and customer insights increase online conversion.

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The payment partner of 15.000+ companies

15,000+ merchants use Pay.'s all-in-one payment platform. Our personal service 24/7 technical support are distinctive.


Payment links

Create payment links and send them over e-mail, text or send them yourself.

QR code


Create QR-codes for payment requests on receipts or invoices.

Pay terminal

Order kiosks

Click & collect, order-online-pay-in-store, shop-in-shop or endless aisles.



Next generation payment terminals with elegant and modern designs.

In-store linked to your webshop

Turn your webshop into a physical cash register.

A number of Pay. e-commerce plugins contain terminal links. This makes it easy to link a physical payment terminal to your webshop and instantly create an omnichannel payment option. You can display your webshop on an order kiosk, tablet or other screens. Additional extensions or cash register systems are not required.


"For us Pay. is the omnichannel payment service provider that fully provides and unburdens us with online and in-store payments."

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Always the right plugin for your webshop. 

Our ready-made plugins quickly link your webshop and the Pay. services. You can receive payments within 15 minutes. Is your company using a customised system? Our extensive SDKs and APIs help you to develop a successful integration.


Get the most out of your webshop.

Create an optimal user experience with comprehensive reports, smart checkout, recurring payments and smart routing. Pay.'s unique features ensure higher conversion and even more successful transactions.  


Omnichannel payments

All your transactions in one place.

Simply create omnichannel payment solutions for your customer, with payment methods like click & collect, order-online-pay-in-store, shop-in-shop or endless aisles.

Pay. offers a uniform platform for all online and in-store payments, with real-time insights into all transactions.

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Rights management

The right people, the right access.

In every organisation, several departments or individuals are involved with payments.

The accountant, for example, needs clearing specifications, the external web builder needs access to install the plugin, and the support department needs to be able to execute refunds.

Therefore, with Pay. you can add users to groups and assign role-specific rights.

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