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Omnichannel payments with Pay.

Create a consistent brand identity and payment experience across all your sales channels, both online and in-store.


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Payments play a pivotal role in delivering a seamless omnichannel customer journey. By consistently managing both in-store and online payments, you can unlock valuable insights and provide a cohesive omnichannel shopping experience.

The distinction between online and in-store shopping is becoming increasingly blurred. Today's customers anticipate a connected experience across sales channels, whether it involves ordering online and picking up and paying in-store, self-scanning and payment within the store for home delivery, or making an online purchase and returning it to a physical shop. With Pay.'s seamless integration of online and in-store transaction processing, you can effortlessly connect all your sales channels, providing a unified and cohesive experience for your customers.

Why omnichannel payments with Pay?

Connect sales channels through uniform online and in-store transaction processing. Moreover, Pay. offers a straightforward reconciliation for all payments. And you have detailed customer insights in one place, no matter how your customer pays.


The same experience on all channels

Extend your brand experience and offer a similar payment experience on all channels. All transactions conveniently come together on the Pay. platform.


Gather valuable insights in the customer journey

Gain insight into your customers' buying and paying behaviour. Generate real-time reports per webshop, payment method, period and more.

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Conversion-enhancing features

Smart checkout & routing, recurring payments, and data-driven financial and customer insights increase online conversion.

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15.000+ companies already trust Pay.

15,000+ merchants use Pay.'s all-in-one payment platform. Our personal service and dedicated 24/7 technical support set us apart.


Payment links

Create payment links and send them over e-mail, text or social media.

QR code


Create QR-codes for payment requests on receipts or invoices.

Pay terminal

Order kiosks

Click & collect, order-online-pay-in-store, shop-in-shop or endless aisles.



Next generation payment terminals with elegant and modern designs.

Omnichannel payments

Turn your webshop into a cash register.

Pay. offers a range of e-commerce plugins that feature terminal links, simplifying the process of connecting your physical payment terminal to your webshop and instantly enabling omnichannel payments. Showcase your webshop on various platforms such as order kiosks, tablets, or other screens, without the need for additional extensions or cash register systems. Creating an omnichannel payment option becomes seamless and hassle-free.

Plugins for all e-commerce platforms.

Time is of the essence. So our ready-to-use plugins establish the connection between your webshop and Pay. in just 15 minutes. Our comprehensive SDKs and APIs will help you develop a seamless integration that meets your unique needs, regardless what type of system you use. Streamline your payment processing and free up time to focus on building your business.


Maximise your revenue.

Transform your user experience with Pay.'s suite of unique features, including comprehensive reporting, smart checkout, recurring payments, and smart routing. These powerful tools are designed to boost conversion rates and drive successful transactions for your business. Enjoy seamless payment processing while optimising your customer experience.



Omnichannel payments

All your transactions in one overview. 

Establish omnichannel payment solutions for your customers, encompassing convenient options like click & collect, order-online-pay-in-store, shop-in-shop, and endless aisles. Gain access to our unified platform, seamlessly handling all online and in-store payments, while also benefiting from real-time transaction insights that offer valuable visibility into all your transactions.

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Rights management

Optimising access and user roles.

In any organization, multiple departments or individuals handle payment-related tasks. For instance, the accountant requires clearing specifications, the external web builder needs plugin installation access, and the support department must be able to process refunds. With Pay, you can conveniently add users to groups and assign specific roles, ensuring the right people have the appropriate access rights.

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