Payments directly from a debtor to a supplier


If you do not want to display ''Stichting Pay.nl'' or ''via PAY.'' on the customer's transcript, then you can opt for the non-collecting solution End2End. When using End2End, your customer sees your name and account number as a ''contra account''. You will receive the funds directly on your account. However, this does result in more credits as far as your bank can charge you per credit.

One of the good things about iDEAL’s End2End is that payments are transferred directly from a debtor to a supplier. This way you have your money in your account without any delays. In addition, iDEAL End2End makes automatic matching easy, unlike other Payment Service Providers who aggregate all payments daily and transfer them in one amount. The ease of End2End is that ensures faster payments and a reduction in matching work.


When is End2End interesting?

In the table below, we compare End2End payments with the standard iDEAL CPSP route (collecting and clearing via a batch payment).



Collecting & batch clearing

Payment by name

Directly in the name of the account holder

''Your company name'' via Pay.nl

iDEAL order reference on or -and caption

Own order number as a reference

Order ID from PAY.

Entrepreneur account

All banks, except Bunq

All banks

Credit costs

Your bank determines each payment

Your bank determines each batch individually

Customer payments

Directly to your account

Stichting Pay.nl account

Payments visible to you

Line by line on your bank statement

One batch payment + detailed file from PAY.


No costs

Free payment

Payment speed

Until 2.30 pm the same day

Until midnight the next day

Applicable to

Invoices and receivables

All types of payments

Checks & balances

Via own administration

Automatically by PAY.


Outgoing IBAN payment

Transaction rollback

Transaction costs

End2end iDEAL rate

All-in iDEAL rate

For End2End payments, you need to check whether the payment has arrived.


End2End payments are available for:

  • iDEAL
  • Giropay
  • SOFORT Banking


No extra fee is charged for the use of the End2End feature.

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More features

Single contract
Single contract

No need for extra contracts with credit card providers

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Exact accounting module

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