Multi Currency

Offer payments in foreign currency.

Receiving payments in pounds, yen, dollars or euros and letting your customers pay in the currency they are used to. That, in a nutshell, is what multi-currency transactions are all about.

You provide our API with a currency code on your webshop. The payment will then be displayed on the payment screen in the same currency you offer on your webshop. We retrieve the exchange rates of all used currencies daily, so we always have the correct data.

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More features by Pay.

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Extended reports

Increase your conversion with Pay.'s insights and reports. Get all the data you need with extensive filter and search options.


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Recurring payments

Set up recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships with ease using Pay.'s recurring payments feature.
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Conversie optimisation

Google Analytics Sync. by Pay. ensures that the transaction data in Google Analytics is synchronised with the data in the backend of your webshop.

Pay by link

Create payment requests. Send them to your customer from the Pay. admin panel. This allows your customers to decide which payment method to use.

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