Trade names

Use a trade name with your transactions

Using your trade name

Small entrepreneurs increase their chances of success if they are active on several fronts. Do you have multiple trade names registered at the Chamber of Commerce? You can add these trade names to your account so that your users have a clear understanding of your business.

How does it work?

The payments made by your customers are facilitated by our system and paid to Stichting This is done based on your company name and with a payment reference. Starting from the Professional package, you can add a trade name as a public name. Starting from the Business package, we offer the possibility to add a trade name to each payment.


The possibility of adding different trade names depends on the package that you are using. One important condition is that the trade names are registered under your Chamber of Commerce number.


We do not charge any additional costs for adding a public name or trade names.

Read more about our packages or register directly.

xs Pioneer Company Name
xs Professional 1 Trade name
xs Business Trade name per service
xs Corporate Trade name per service

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