Recurring payments by Pay.

Easily and quickly set up repeat payments for memberships, subscriptions and other regular transactions. 

Recurring payments allow you to avoid administrative overhead. And thanks to periodical and automatic payment processing, your customers will never miss a payment again. 

No need for extensive technical knowledge to set up a recurring payment in the Pay. admin panel. Just click on what you need and upload a batch of payment orders in one go. In no time, your recurring payments are arranged.

Link repeat payments to your own financial IT solution with the Pay. app. This way, you spend less time on administration and have more time to focus on your customers and your business. 

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Invoicing & recurring

Customers sign up easily. 

A well-organised purchasing and payment process is essential. By making arrangements for recurring payments right from the start, you lower the threshold for making a purchase.

Variable costs? No problem.

For some services, such as a shared mobility service for cars or bicycles, the costs consumers pay are variable: they depend on use and differ per period. These variable recurring payments are also easily arranged via Pay. 

Maximum flexibility, so that you always keep the financial overview. 
Recurring payments involve amounts that are debited periodically (per week, per month, per year). This regularity is essential for your business model. Whether it concerns fixed or variable costs: you can easily set it up on the Pay. platform. Does your business model require one-off scheduled payments? You can soon arrange that too via Pay. 

  • You provide flexible payment services to your customers
  • You can offer them ultimate payment convenience
  • And you keep the financial overview.

More features by Pay.

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Extended reports

Increase your conversion with Pay.'s insights and reports. Get all the data you need with extensive filter and search options.

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Insights with the Pay. app

Get insight into the online payment traffic of your webshops or websites at any time and from any location via the free Pay. app.

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Conversion optimisation

Google Analytics Sync by Pay. ensures that the transaction data in Google Analytics is synchronised with the data in the backend of your webshop.
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Pay by link

Create payment requests. Send them to your customer from the Pay. admin panel. Your customers decide which payment method they want to use.

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