Anti-fraud module VERIFY

Protect your business against fraud with VERIFY. 

Pay. offers the in-house anti-fraud module VERIFY to help merchants protect their business against fraud. In addition, Pay. has an in-house fraud team that supports merchants in combating fraud.

Based on our algorithm and your risk settings, VERIFY intercepts potentially fraudulent transactions.

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VERIFY features

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Industry-specific fraud templates

Use our industry-specific fraud templates to stop known fraud patterns in your sector immediately.

Enrich VERIFY with your insights

Ensure that transactions from known customers or customer segments are not unnecessarily rejected.
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Different ways of approval

Decide how you want to process notifications: via the Pay. admin panel, the Pay. app or our API.

You are in control of the process

Decide who should review the potentially fraudulent transactions: you, Pay. or us together. 


Prevent fraud and chargebacks together with Pay.

Making sure you do not run any unnecessary risks, but also not stopping any desired transactions. That is the aim of VERIFY.

More features by Pay.

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Extended reports

Increase your conversion with Pay.'s insights and reports. Get all the data you need with extensive filter and search options.


Recurring payments

Set up recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships with ease using Pay.'s recurring payments feature.

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Conversion optimisation

Google Analytics Sync by Pay. ensures that the transaction data in Google Analytics is synchronised with the data in the backend of your webshop.

Pay by link

Create payment requests. Send them to your customer from the Pay. admin panel. Your customers decide which payment method they want to use.

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