Pay by link: faster payments with a payment link or QR code.

Payment links, or 'pay by link', are an effective way to accept online payments without a physical card or cash. With payment links, your (business) customers can expedite payments up to one and a half times faster. Creating a payment link is as simple as a few clicks in the Pay. Admin panel. Conveniently distribute the payment links via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

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Payment links deliver ultimate convenience to your customers while ensuring quicker receipt of payments. 

In this modern era of e-commerce and digital transactions, a fast, secure, and convenient payment process is vital to meet customer expectations. Offering payment links, or 'pay by link', is an excellent strategy to satisfy these expectations.

Payment links are unique URLs that merchants generate and send to customers to facilitate online payments. They can be distributed via email, SMS, or on social media. As a merchant, when you dispatch a payment link, the customer is redirected to a secure payment page to finalize the transaction. All payment methods accessible through your sales channels can be selected via the link.

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Pay by link

How pay by link works.

Employ payment links to accept online payments in different scenarios, including:

  • When you lack a payment terminal for accepting payments.
  • When you wish to send an invoice to your customers.
  • When you sell digital products such as e-books or software.
  • When you aim to offer a swift, concise payment solution to your customers.

Creating a payment link

Pay by link operates by generating a unique URL and forwarding it to the customer. The customer can then click on the link, leading them to a payment page to complete the transaction. Some payment link solutions also leverage QR codes as an alternative payment method. Customers simply scan the QR code with their mobile device, which redirects them to the payment page.

Pay by link via Pay.

Making payments via a payment link or QR code via Pay. is designed to suit your specific needs. As the sender, you set the terms of the payment link and the payment:

  1. Create the payment link in the Pay. Admin.
  2. Specify an expiration date and time for the payment request.
  3. Generate QR codes for payment requests on receipts or invoices.
  4. Dispatch the payment link via SMS or email through Pay. Admin.
  5. Alternatively, copy the payment link to your chosen channels - for instance, social media or WhatsApp.


Benefits of payment links.

Payment links offer multiple advantages for both merchants and consumers.

Merchants can enjoy:
  • Reduced costs for payment processing.
  • Boosted conversion rates and revenues.
  • Seamless implementation and usage.
  • Rapid payment processing.
Consumers benefit from:
  • Smooth and prompt payment processing.
  • No complications with physical cards or cash.
  • Flexibility to select various payment methods.

Security of payment links.

Payment links and QR codes are safeguarded by several security measures designed to uphold the privacy and security of customer data. This includes data verification, SSL/TLS technology, and adherence to PCI-DSS security standards.


Personalized payment pages for enhanced conversion.

Pay by link payment pages can be conveniently personalized to align with your brand identity. This fosters a more personalized and recognizable payment process, making customers more inclined to place orders and expedite payments. Thus, payments via payment links or QR codes contribute to a higher conversion rate.

If you seek a secure, straightforward, and swift method to accept online payments, consider incorporating pay by link via Pay. into your business. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you with payment links and other payment solutions that align with your business needs.

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