Google Analytics Sync

Synchronize conversions in Google Analytics

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is difficult for many webshops. Google Analytics offers a lot of insight when it comes to achieved goals and conversions. However, in many cases the digits are blurred and do not represent actual sales.

To tackle this problem, PAY. has introduced a new and innovative feature: Google Analytics Sync.


Avoid a distorted image

Sometimes it is difficult to make exact conversion measurements, especially when you use a Payment Service Provider with a lot of payment methods like PAY.

Each payment method or iDEAL bank has their own process for handling transactions. As a result, we see that many visitors do not end up on the thank you page, which creates a "gap" within Analytics between actual and measured conversions.

Google Analytics Sync

Because of this new feature, gaps in conversion measurement are in the past. In the Admin Panel, you can add your analytics tracking ID for each service or website connected to PAY. This way, Analytics is no longer dependent on a conversion pixel or on visiting the thank you page. Transaction data is sent to your Analytics account with every successful payment. Naturally, all privacy-sensitive data is filtered. Only necessary data such as the transaction ID, order number, product data and the payment method are linked back.


The Google Analytics Sync option is available starting from the Professional package.


No extra fee is charged for the use of the Google Analytics Sync feature.

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xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Available
xs Business Available
xs Corporate Available

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