Fast and flexible financing to boost your business.

Pay. is also the place to go for your business financing thanks to a close cooperation with YouLend.

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Would you like to kick-start your business? Or get to the next growth phase faster? Access growth capital with Pay, fast and easy.

Pay. is the first Dutch payment provider to offer business financing. Depending on your monthly income, you can borrow between €1,000 and €500,000. With our partner YouLend the application is made in no time—unlike at a bank, where applying for funding can be rather time-consuming. The height of repayments depends on turnover. This means you get flexible financing that fits your business. 


Merchant financing

Get extra money in your account fast and easy.
Start your online application now. And find out within 24 hours how much you can lend. 

Why financing with Pay?

Pay. is the trusted all-in-one partner when it comes to managing payments for your business. And now we're also giving you the chance to grow with extra funding.


Adding growth capital quick and easy

Start your application online and find out how much you can lend within 24 hours.


Pay back what you can afford

Repayments are based on your turnover with Pay. Less turnover this month? Then you repay less.


Always transparent, no hidden costs

Transparency is important to us. So we communicate clearly about what costs you can expect.


Hundreds of companies preceded you

Pay. is proud to contribute to the success of all our partners and webshops.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How can I get an offer?

You can receive an offer the same day by submitting an online application.

In the request, you'll be asked to tell Youlend more about your business, online sales and/or card terminal sales. This usually takes 5-10 minutes, and the Youlend team is always available if you have any questions.

Once you've been funded by Youlend at least once, you can usually receive additional funding on the day of application.

What can I use the funding for?

You can use the financing for any business purpose. Most of our merchants use the money to finance stock, invest in advertising, carry out renovations, finance hardware or add a new location.

What kind of offers can I expect?

Your offers will be based on your online and/or card terminal sales history.

The longer your business exists and the higher your monthly revenue is, the better your offers will be. We offer up to twice your monthly turnover in funding.

For example, if you have an e-commerce business that averages €10,000 in sales per month and you started your business 12 months ago, you may qualify for €15,000 in funding with a flat rate of €1,500 and a 20% repayment of your daily sales.

How will I repay?

The refund is made automatically as a fixed percentage of the daily turnover.

For example, if your refund is 20% of the daily turnover and you made €1,000 on a particular day, €200 goes to the refund and €800 to you. On days with no sales, you don't repay.

This means that, unlike traditional business loans where an interest rate always is charged, YouLend Advance adjusts to your cash flows without extra fees or charges.

Can I make a one-off payment to repay my deposit sooner?

Yes, you can always make free one-off payments if you want to.

However, you do not have to do this. Most sellers prefer the flexibility and free cash flow of simply repaying per their fixed repayment rate at no extra cost.

Merchant financing

Creating a winning business today.

Hundreds of companies have already successfully preceded you with business financing from Pay. and YouLend. Would you also like to take your business to the next level? Then apply for additional growth capital today. Within 24 hours you'll know how much you can lend. No hidden costs or small print.