Multiple accounts

Collaborate with just one merchant account

User management

At PAY. you can collaborate with multiple users in one merchant account. This is ideal when you work together with your colleagues to manage your website or when you want to give your accountant or web builder access to the account.

How does it work?

You can add users via the Admin Panel. New users are notified by e-mail and can then create an account, if necessary. After this, your colleague, web builder or accountant can access data that they need.

Would you like to be able to set permissions for each user? This is possible with the option ‘rights and management’.

Communication per user

You have the option of setting specific e-mail traffic for each user. Clearing e-mails can be specifically send to the financial administration. E-mails and push notifications in the app about suspicious transactions can be send to the development team only. The settings are individually adjustable! The PAY. Admin Panel allows you to change the communication settings with just a few clicks so that every person or every department receives relevant information.


Adding multiple users is available for all our packages.


Adding an unlimited amount of users is free of charge.

Read more about our packages or register directly.

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Available
xs Business Available
xs Corporate Available

More features

API tokens
API tokens

Multiple tokens with the unique rights


Collect payments in different currencies: $, £, €, ¥

3D Secure
3D Secure

Extra security with 3D Secure technology

Second chance
Second chance

E-mail a payment link for unfinished payments

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