Exchange logs

Every transaction call in your log overview

Exchange logs

There is constant communication between your webshop and the PAY. platform. It starts with your customer making a payment and it ends when your customer’s completed transaction. The communication takes place with the help of a communication URL. This is a file on your server that we call / activate once the status of a transaction has changed. All these calls are stored in exchange logs that you can find in your Admin Panel via the tab 'support' and then 'Payment state log'.

In the exchange logs overview, you will find the communication URL that we have called, the answer to this call, the total connection time, the status of the payment and much more. In short: you can check exactly what happened during a specific call.


Transaction statuses

The communication URL is called as soon as the status of a transaction changes, the status can include the following values:

  • pending: the transaction has been created
  • cancel: the transaction has been aborted
  • refund: the payment has been refunded
  • new ppt: the payment was successful

The exchange log module is a standard feature in every package.


No extra fee is charged for the use of the exchange log feature.

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