Customer case: Firm24 | Fully focussing on removing entrepreneurial concerns

While having PAY. by their side, Firm24 can fully focus on removing entrepreneurial concerns

Being an entrepreneur takes years of hard work. In addition to writing a business plan, you must also register your company at the Chamber of Commerce. Before you can do that, you need to choose the correct legal form. Will your company become a sole proprietorship, a company under firm or a private company? Choosing the right legal form is quite a task for starting entrepreneurs.


In 2012, the Simplification and Flexibility Law for private companies was introduced. The law makes it easier to establish the legal form of a private company. However, the law did not apply to matters concerning the establishment of a private company. Fortunately, the successful Firm24 was founded in 2013 by Rick Schmitz and Martijn Migchelsen. Firm24 makes it easier to establish a private company, a holding company or foundation. Instead incomprehensible advice, paperwork and bureaucratic processes Firm24 helps starting entrepreneurs decisively and in an efficient manner.

Firm24: an all-in-one service

During the founding process, Firm24 offers all-round service. The services relate to (tax) advice, accountants, contracts, accounting and taxes. The platform is not only limited to the notarial process, but also establishes direct contact with Firm24 lawyers and tax specialists. They take care of the difficult paperwork and give the best advice. This allows Firm24 customers to fully focus on setting up their own business.

Rick Schmitz, founder and CEO of Firm24: "What gives us a big step ahead of our competitors is the fast and user-friendly service and our fixed prices. In addition, we use up-to-date technology to continuously improve the process for both our clients and our executive notaries. We have found that these investments have only benefited us. This is reflected in the customer experience and customer loyalty."


No payment concerns with PAY.

Firm24 is an online service; a wide range of services are offered via the webshop. Examples include setting up a business, conversions, foundations and contracts. It is therefore very important for Firm24 to have a good Payment Service Provider that processes online payments safely and quickly.

"Just as we remove business concerns, we look for a similar quality in a reliable Payment Service Provider," says Martijn, founder and CFO of Firm24. "PAY. unburdens us on an incredibly broad spectrum. Not only do they facilitate the payments that come into our webshop, but they also offer features that we were looking for in a good Payment Service Provider. PAY. has an app where you can view your payments. In addition, the possibilities of the PAY. account unprecedented: you can add extra users and the reporting tool provides detailed analyzes that we can use to boost our sales. And not entirely unimportant: PAY. has a wide range of different payment methods. Our own mix of payment methods consists of iDEAL and PayPal, but we can easily activate an additional payment method if we want to. PAY. not only takes away all our payment worries, but also anticipates our (future) needs!"

PAY. is a good payment partner. They have a varied and wide range of payment methods. In addition, the interface is user-friendly and pleasant to use. This also applies to the PAY. app and the many integration options. PAY. is what you call ‘an omnichannel Payment Service Provider’. We are very satisfied with our switch. We definitely recommend PAY. if you are looking for a Payment Service Provider that is at home in all markets!"

Firm24 responds to digitization

Technology is becoming increasingly important and Firm24 sees these changes as a great opportunity to take the company to an even higher level. Martijn: "We see that there is still plenty of room for technological developments within Firm24. We can replace paper with digital and notary appointments with online video conferences. And we can also apply blockchain to better safeguard our processes."

Another important change is new legislation that obliges companies to only offer legal form establishments online and digitally. From 2021, this legislation must ensure that the business climate in Europe is further stimulated. "We are very happy with this development because Firm24 already partly offers this service. We will therefore also be closely involved in the changes. The legislation will have a positive impact on the European economy as a whole by creating more activity and competitiveness. That's a win-win for everyone!" says Rick.


For more information, contact us at or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.
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