Conversion optimisation for more turnover. 

Pay. makes sure your customers have the best shopping experience by providing an optimal payment experience.

Payments are more than the transfer of money - they are one of the most essential steps in the consumer purchase journey. When payments are not managed effectively, up to 50% of consumers drop out. That is why our payment processingis as logical, easy and smooth as possible. Pay. offers the best shopping experience, maximises conversion and increases orders.  

Pay. helps you optimise your payment processing, ensuring you get more orders. We do this by providing the right mix of payment methods for each customer, segment and target group. 

In addition, our conversion-enhancing features allow you to gain even more value from your sales channels. We do so by providing features such as 'second chance payment emails' and smart routing. 

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Second-chance emails

Get incomplete payments paid. 

Automatically send customers who do not complete a payment an email with a payment link so they still convert.

  • Increases conversion by up to +25%
  • Simple to set up
  • The email is only sent if the customer has not already completed a similar transaction
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Smart routing & cascading

Optimise the processing route. 

Credit card transactions are routed via the optimal processing and acquiring route - this increases conversion.

  • Credit card transactions are routed via the optimal processing and acquiring route
  • Conversion-enhancing routing by using partners' routes in addition to your own credit card processing route
  • Transactions are forwarded to the merchant in a uniform way


Pay. offers tokenisation. It allows repeat customers to pay with just one click, making it easier for them to order more often. 

Your customers' card details are encrypted and securely stored within our systems. This makes it easy to make a future payment as customers do not need to enter their card details again.


Smart checkout

Personalise your checkout. 

Pay.'s smart checkout allows you to create a seamless, customised payment experience for each customer. The checkout shows the payment mix that best matches their payment preferences based on previously collected data. You can quickly adapt the checkout to your own brand identity to increase conversion even more.

  • Use your own logo, colours and background image
  • Your customers do not need to leave their familiar webshop environment
  • Implementation without having to write a single line of code
Measure exact conversions with Pay.'s in-house built Google Analytics Sync software. Now you finally know where each transaction originates from.

Anyone using Google Analytics knows that it can be a challenge to measure precise conversions on your webshop and which channel they originated from. Many visitors block the tracking cookies on your website. Pay. has built a solution for this: Google Analytics Sync.

  • Consistent conversion tracking on email, Google ads, or social media
  • After every successful payment, the transaction data will appear in your analytics account
  • Measure exact conversions in Google Analytics

Pay. for conversion optimisation


The payment mix your customer needs

Optimise conversion by offering the most popular and innovative payment methods with Pay.


Smart checkout for the best payment experience

Smart checkout by Pay. allows you to synchronise payments with the needs of each customer.


A/B testing for more data and insights

With the A/B test feature you have all the insights you need to adapt payments to your target group.


Pay by link for +50% faster payment

Make it even easier for your customers to pay with personalised Pay-by-link services.

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