08 November 2023

Service Outage 7 november 2023

Service Outage 7 november 2023

Pay. experienced an outage on the main platform on November 7, 2023. Below you will find information about this incident. 

Our platform is hosted in two data centres connected by a fibre optic ring. 

The outage started around 11:38 and lasted until 19:38, after which it took several more hours for all non-essential processes such as reporting, clearing & settlements to return to normal. 

The cause of this outage that affected all customers of our primary hosting provider was due to a problem with a switch. The trigger may have been a brief power outage. This caused the hosting provider's entire network to go down. As soon as we receive a full outage report (RFO) from our hosting provider, we will publish it here. 

On we will keep you informed about known incidents . You can also register here to receive status updates by e-mail. 


Pay. has a fallback service running. Because the entire network was down, we could not easily activate the fallback. Around 13:00 the payment traffic was manually transferred to this fallback service. After this, part of the payment options became available again. 


In addition to the main platform, there is the multicore where clients can independently process payments without any necessary changes from our team. These payments are then processed through a second and third standalone platform (in the Google platform). The multicore greatly reduces dependencies on the main platform and thus the impact of any disruptions. The multicore is already available to some of the merchants and will be rolled out further in the near future  


Expected implications

Some of the transactions involved have been processed through external payment service providers. This may mean a delay in transactions being updated in your statistics, as the transactions take longer to reach us. Also, certain data in transactions may be missing because suppliers could not provide this information to Pay. during the outage. 

It is also normal that payments at the time of the switch were not properly linked back to your web shop, point of sale or accounting system. Secondary recovery actions such as updating all search systems are currently in progress. 


Full Reason For Outage 

We will provide a full Reason For Outage as soon as it is received from our hosting provider. 

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