From ready-made plug-ins to advanced API options

Our group of customers is diverse and ranges from local entrepreneurs to large multinationals. We therefore try to be as flexible as possible with our uniform “payment gateway.” If you want total flexibility, the payment gateway can be approached via our API (developers). If you're not so technically savvy, we have developed various ready-to-use plug-ins that you can implement yourself with the help of our easy-to-understand guidelines.

We also have our solution partners who have come up with standard solutions that enable PAY. to handle all the payments for you. Lastly, PAY. offers you the option of a payment link that you can generate via the Admin Panel. You can then email this payment link to your customers so they can finalise their payment. This page contains more information on the various ways of integrating payment methods.


Payment Links

Do you have invoices, emails or blog posts to which you want to add a payment link? If so, you can generate a payment link with just a few clicks and without any technical expertise. You can choose the amount, description and payment options yourself.

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By using our ready-made plug-ins, you can add links to PAY.’s payment solutions to your online shop or website in a few simple steps. We have developed plug-ins for dozens of e-commerce systems, such as Magento and WooCommerce.

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Hosted solutions

Even if you use an online solution because you do not have your own server on which to host your online shop, you can still use our payment methods. We have various links to hosted solution partners. Our plug-ins are eay to install!

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Your own implementation

If you want complete freedom with respect to integrating our payment options, you can use PAY.’s SDK's and API's. Although we offer a wide range of code examples and guidelines, this does require a certain degree of programming knowledge.

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1. Payment links via Collect Desk

The easiest way to use our platform is by generating a payment link. This payment solution does not require any technical expertise.

Via our Admin Panel or the smartphone app, you can generate a unique payment link for your customers and specify the amount, the term of validity, a description and the service for which the payment is intended. Your customers are then free to choose their preferred payment method: iDEAL, Bancontact, credit card, etc.

Once the custom payment link has been generated, you can use it in emails, digital invoices and so on. The possibilities are endless.

2. Plug-ins


Magento is a very popular open source online shop system. PAY. has developed a free plug-in for Magento which you can integrate in a few minutes.


We have developed a plug-in that you can use for free for this user-friendly and frequently used e-commerce system.


WooCommerce is a complete online shop module for the well-known CMS system Wordpress. The free WooCommerce plug-in is developed by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.

Drupal Commerce

Free plug-in from PAY., easy to integrate


Paid plug-in by SWS Solutions.


Paid online shop plug-in by J2Store.

Typo3 Multishop

Free multishop plug-in by Typo3.


20+ paid plug-ins by Pronamic.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by HostBill.


Shoptrader allows you to quickly build a professional online shop. Shoptrader has a link with PAY. that enables you to use our payment methods.

CCV Shop

CCV Shop is a Software-as-a-Service platform which allows you to easily create an online store with PAY.'s payment options.


Online shop plug-in by PAY.


Online shop plug-in by PAY.


Online shop plug-in by Shopfactory.

Prestashop Cloud

Online shop plug-in by Prestashop Cloud.


Online shop plug-in by Luondo.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Free online shop plug-in by PAY.


Online shop plug-in for Booq


Free online shop plug-in by Payt


Ticketing plug-in by Leisureking

Web Voorschot

Plug-in by Web Voorschot.


Online shop plug-in for Afosto


Free Mijnwebwinkel plug-in for PAY.



Complete freedom for the integration of our payment methods via our SDK or APIs.


Our SDKs are suitable for developers looking for maximum freedom for the integration of our payment methods.

The SDKs contain the most important functionalities to manage a transaction. With just a few lines of code you can start or refund a transaction, process an exchange request or determine the status of a transaction.

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See the example codes of our technic at GitHub.


Is your desired programming language not available as SDK or do you need more functionalities than the SDK offers you can communicate directly via our APIs.

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