Important: Update for merchants using PayPal

Update for merchants using PayPal

Due to a PayPal update, a reconnection between PayPal and PAY. is required. The old route will remain active until June 30th, 2022.


Reconnecting PayPal with PAY. only takes 15 seconds and can be done as follows:

  1. Navigate to your PAY. account and add PayPal to your sales location again.
  2. Authorize PAY. within your PayPal account to initiate, view and/or refund transactions.
  3. Optimize your PAY. settings by indicating which data you want to share with PayPal per transaction and how you want to deal with multicurrency.

If you have multiple sales locations, you can select the PayPal profile for these sales locations or add a new PayPal account per sales location.

Manual reconnecting PayPal

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