17 March 2022

With a webshop in your physical shop, your aisles are endless

With a webshop in your physical shop, your aisles are endless

Take a closer look at

How do you make sure that your webshop and your physical shops are fully alligned? In a way that your customer can use the best of both the online and offline world? Let's take a closer look at




In-store webshop

Customers can now have the best possible online-offline shopping experience by combining the webshop and the physical shop of Betonlook. In the new Betonlook shop in Rijssen, the Prestop order kiosk Eminent 32 is hanging on the wall. Here, customers can see the entire Betonlook range, place orders and pay using the extensive PAY. payment options. With the web shop as an extension, Betonlook realises 'endless aisles'.


A complete range, new possibilities

By adding the webshop to your physical shop, you can offer customers a top shopping experience:

  • In the physical shop, specialists give 'live' advice and customers can view some products or hold them.
  • Even if a product (or the right size) is not in stock at a store, customers can view a product online and order it directly from the order kiosk (your Endless Aisle).

  • Do your customers lack the (right) means of transport for their purchase? With the order kiosk, the product can be ordered, paid for and be delivered to the customer's home.

Would you like to have your own in-store webshop?

Would you like an Endless Aisle in your shop? Take a look at the Prestop order kiosks that are easily combined with your trusted PAY. payment solutions.

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