07 August 2015

What requirements should your website meet?

What requirements should your website meet?

When checking files, we always take a look at the website of our Merchants. We often see that not all websites comply with the rules as drawn up by, for example, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). As there is a tremendous amount of laws and regulations, we have listed the most important website requirements for you.


The entrepreneur’s identity

Your website must contain information about the company behind your online store. For example, the following information must be easy to find on every webpage of your online store:

  • The name and registration number of your company as stated in the Chamber of Commerce);
  • The work address of your company;

  • Your contact details such as your e-mail address and (preferably) a telephone number;

  • Your VAT number.


General Terms and Conditions

The general Terms and Conditions of your webshop must be clearly presented on your website and must also contain the identity of your company. These terms and conditions should also be available in the languages of the countries where your webshop is selling products or services. If you do not have any general terms and conditions on your website, you can use the adjustable standard template below.



Delivery Terms and Conditions

When selling products and services on the internet, consumers can return purchases within 14 days of receipt. This return period applies in most cases. It is important that you inform your customers about this return policy. Rules regarding delivery and payments should also be communicated clearly as well as the following information:

  • The delivery time;
  • Any restrictions on delivery;

  • The way you are going to deliver the product(s) or service(s);

  • The payment options you offer;

  • The return policy (i.e. how to return a product, how the repayment process takes places and information about the return period (a maximum of 14 days).


Product information

In addition, you must provide information about the products and/or services that you offer on the website:

  • The main characteristics of the product or service such as dimensions, the duration of the agreement, technical data, the type number as well as information about risks and product properties;
  • The total price which includes VAT, shipping and any other costs.


The order process

The entire order process should be clear to your customers as they should also be able to correct any input errors. It is also important that - before your customer places an order - you clearly state that your customer enters into a payment obligation.


On the right track

We hope this checklist will give you a push in the right direction. Please keep in mind that if you do not comply with these website requirements, you act in violation of the law. Therefore, always check your website carefully. Information about website/webshop requirements can also be found on the website of the ACM.

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