14 July 2022

Pay. got a new logo, new corporate identity and a new website!

Pay. got a new logo, new corporate identity and a new website!

For the past couple of months, we've been working day and night (well, almost) behind the scenes to give Pay. a new look. And now the day has finally come: today, we are launching our new website, logo, corporate identity, and everything that goes with it. It has taken us some blood, sweat and tears, but the result is worth it. We are pretty proud!


The sneak peek.

For Pay. the Webwinkel Vakdagen exhibition was the perfect moment to show the new brand to the world for the first time. But before that happened, we wanted to give a sneak peek. From large billboards along the highway to mini-teasers on social media, it probably didn't escape your notice that 'something' was on the way.



Priscilla - Fleur Hellemons, Head of Marketing at Pay. says: "The name has obviously remained the same: Pay. Short, powerful, and it instantly tells you what we do. Besides that, we've updated everything. We now have a new logo, a new font and new colours that really suit an A-brand. It shows that we stand out in the market and are an innovative player in the playing field."

Menne Mennes, CCO of Pay. adds, "With our new slogan, 'behind every payment, Pay.' we want to show that no matter what kind of payment you make - omnichannel, online, in-app or in-store - we are behind every payment." 

We were eager to hear the opinions of the visitors. You can imagine: we were really looking forward to this day to meet new prospects, chatting with customers, seeing our partners again and showing off our new logo. What did they think of it all? Great! Frequently heard words were 'modern', 'clear', 'sleek', 'totally contemporary' and a lot of: 'fantastic'. In short, it was raining compliments!



Employees and customers in the lead.

With a new website naturally comes a new brand video. Instead of hiring models, we wanted our employees and customers to shine on the screen. So we thank Dille & KamilleCharlie TempleYourSurpriseMyWheelsTGI FridaysOld Amsterdam, Bamboo ImportVilla for YouBetonlook and for offering their locations, transportation, and employees - and of course: our very own Pay. employees for their time and charms.



What else can you expect from us shortly?

Now that the new website is live, it doesn't mean we're done. In the coming weeks, we will focus on bringing the German version live and eventually, a French version of the website. Besides that, a website is never finished! We'll be adding new content to our website all the time - so keep an eye on it to stay up to date!

Of course, we would love to hear what you think of the website. Do you miss any information or have any tips for us? Please let us know.

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