28 February 2023

Merging online and in-store payments

Merging online and in-store payments

In-store transactions, such as those made with a PIN, are often handled differently than online transactions and require a separate contract, complicating reconciliation transaction reports and payment flows. This can limit customers' flexibility, as returning an online purchase to a physical store can be challenging due to the cash register not recognizing the online transaction.


Online solutions for in-store payments

Pay. has solved this problem by combining all payment methods under one roof. As a Payment Service Provider for the online, in-store and omnichannel markets, Pay. offers the advantage of not needing a separate connection and contract for each payment method, like iDEAL and Klarna, making it more convenient administratively, and saving money. Pay. has extended this logic to in-store card payments by allowing all transactions, online and offline, to be combined in the Pay platform and displayed in the same way on the cash register.

How does it work?

Pay. is often already connected to e-commerce platforms. To add in-store transactions, payment terminals like Yomani and Valina can communicate with Pay.'s cloud server via an API. All payments are processed the same way, regardless of the payment method used.

Technically, for an iDEAL transaction, for example, the primary payment method is 'iDEAL,' and the sub-payment method is the name of the chosen bank. For a PIN transaction, the primary method is 'PIN,' and the sub-payment method is the terminal ID. 

This method enables a universal approach to PIN integration, facilitating the connection of webshop platforms to the payment terminal. In practice, this can be accomplished within a day, with the added benefit of streamlining the introduction of ordering kiosks.


The benefits of merging online and in-store transactions

Pay. offers a unified payment processing system for both online and in-store payments, resulting in potential cost savings and increased administrative convenience.

As a business owner, you can avoid the hassle of managing separate contracts by making agreements with Pay. for a single integration and point of contact. All payments are consolidated in one place, and in the same way, making it easier to manage and administer. Reconciliation can be performed at a transactional level or on a specific group of transactions, such as revenue groups per location or in-store payments versus ordering kiosks.

The Pay. platform supports standard acceptance of both online payment methods and card payments. Multiple payment terminals for one cash register or QR payments can be easily arranged, further streamlining the payment process.


Integrations with e-commerce platforms and POS-systems

Pay offers direct integrations with various e-commerce platforms, including Magento, BigCommerce, and Woocommerce, as well as point-of-sale systems like MplusKASSA, Logic4, and Vendit. As a result, most business owners can easily integrate Pay's services. With a quick set up, businesses can start accepting card payments the next day and get immediate access to transaction records, whether made online or in-store.


Benefits of in-store payments via Pay.

• Real-time insight into online/in-store transactions
• Reports/statistics on total revenue (online/in-store)
• No bank/processor involvement
• One payment stream
• Daily/weekly/monthly payouts
• Competitive all-in rates
• Next-day delivery for ordered terminals
• Flexible terminal leasing options

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