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With AfterPay in your online shop, your customers can pay for their products in arrears. In other words, they can inspect the items first, before paying for them. AfterPay’s method is quite similar to the old method 'acceptance giro', except in this case you have a payment guarantee and the invoicing process is taken entirely out of your hands. As an entrepreneur, there is no risk of not getting your money after shipping the product. It is therefore no surprise that a growing number of entrepreneurs choose to offer their customers this popular online payment method.

Payment in arrears with AfterPay lowers consumers' inhibitions. This payment service is currently being offered by more than 700 online shops. An added benefit is the fact that the full financial processing and the payment risk are taken out of your hands.

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Web shop with AfterPay

If you want to offer the option of paying later on your online shop’s checkout page, but you do not have a connection yet, you should first contact AfterPay. You must sign a contract with AfterPay in order to use this payment method. After doing so, your set-up details will be sent to you. You enter these while adding your online shop to the PAY. Administration Panel. After that, all you have to do is install a plugin to allow your customers to pay later for their order.

From order to payment

To conduct a payment via this service, the consumer must have an AfterPay account. With the help of a number of checks conducted using various data sources, AfterPay evaluates whether the customer is eligible to use this payment option.

Other than with iDEAL, AfterPay collects the payments for you. PAY.'s role in the payment process is to process the transactions on a technical level and facilitate proper communication between your online shop, your back office and AfterPay. Here is a step-by-step overview of the entire payment process:

  1. The consumer places an order in your online shop. They choose to pay via AfterPay and log in to their AfterPay account.
  2. AfterPay handles the identification and verification processes. This is done with the help of various data sources. If the outcome is negative, the consumer is redirected to your online shop’s checkout page, so they can choose a different payment method to pay for their order.
  3. If the consumer passes the check, the payment process is completed. This is where PAY. comes in. We notify you that the payment process was completed successfully, so you can quickly process the order.
  4. You release the order’s final invoice to AfterPay. They bill the consumer for the total amount due. The standard payment term is ten days after reception of the acceptance giro. Consumers can choose to pay in the old-fashioned way, digitally, via an automatic, one-off collection.
  5. AfterPay pays out your balance. The fee they charge for their services is automatically deducted from the total amount. PAY. bills you for the processing fees.
An overview of the advantages
  • The popularity of paying later is increasing rapidly
  • Familiar, trusted and with an enormous reach
  • Paying later stimulates purchasing behaviour
  • No risk for your web shop
  • The entire invoicing process is taken care of
  • After approval from AfterPay, you can immediately process the order
  • Easy integration via PAY.

AfterPay availability

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Paying later with AfterPay is available in the Netherlands and Belgium

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