Point of Sale (POS) payment solutions. 

Enhance your cash register, order kiosk, or handheld device by adding the ability to receive, process, and send payments. Attract more customers, generate new revenue streams, and improve the overall customer experience.

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Take control of all payment flows and gain valuable insights within your platform, creating the optimal payment experience for both merchants and customers.
  • Easily onboard new merchants through the Pay. platform, API, or with a partner code.
  • Enjoy next-day delivery of POS terminals and access various tools to gain insights into payment flows, including a comprehensive dashboard app.
  • Rely on our personal and knowledgeable support team for assistance.
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Why choose a Point of Sale partnership with Pay?


Diverse invoicing and payment flows

Seamlessly integrate payment functionality costs into your platform.


Comprehensive API-based integration

Pay.'s versatile API technology adapts to any platform.


Balance deductions with merchants' book balances

Effortlessly offset deductions against your merchants' book balances.


Minimal overhead for regulation & compliance

Pay. provides support for PCI compliance and KYC checks.


Cash registers & order kiosks

Benefits of a Pay. partnership.

  • Uniform omnichannel payment platform
  • Easy integration & detailed documentation
  • Insights into flows and transactions via API or partner portal
  • Simple onboarding of new merchants via the Pay. platform, API, or with a partner code
  • Balancing deductions with merchants' book balances
  • Personal support from a dedicated Pay. Partner Manager
Swift onboarding of new merchants and control over their payouts. 

Onboard merchants effortlessly through the Pay. API or partner portal, then directly offset platform fees with their book balances. Determine how and when to pay out merchants at your discretion.

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The features included in the Pay. integration make it an ideal payment solution for order kiosks.
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Thanks to Pay.'s innovative work, it's possible to connect multiple payment terminals to a single cash register.

More Pay. features


Comprehensive reports

Boost conversions with valuable insights from Pay's detailed reports, offering extensive filtering and search options.

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Pay. app

Insight using the Pay. app

Access real-time insights into your webshops or websites' online payment activity from any location and at any time, all through the free Pay. app.
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Conversion optimisation

Synchronise transaction data between Google Analytics and your webshop's backend using Pay's Google Analytics Sync.
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Pay by link

Generate payment requests and send them directly to customers from Pay's admin panel, allowing them to choose their preferred payment method.
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Are you our new payments partner? 

Pay. continually seeks partnerships that can improve our payment processing and work together to deliver an exceptional payment experience for our merchants and their customers.