The most popular Belgian payment method with over 15 million cardholders


Bancontact is a bank payment method developed in and for Belgium that allows your customers to pay via their own familiar banking environment. Bancontact can be seen as the Belgian equivalent to iDEAL. It is an extremely popular payment method, which makes it perfect for any entrepreneur with Belgian customers.

Online payment method for your Belgian customers


Bancontact is an extremely popular payment method for online shops that operate in Belgium. With this service, your Belgian customers can pay for their order immediately via their own familiar online banking environment. Bancontact is a standard application on the cards issued by Belgian banks when a new account is opened. As a result, Bancontact has more than 15 million card holders, 90% of whom can use their card to conduct online payments. Bancontact is therefore perfect if you want to sell your products or services online in Belgium.

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PAY. is Bancontact Acquirer

Did you know that PAY. received its own Bancontact Acquirer licence on 1 January 2018? In the future, we will implement innovative solutions – such as the processing of mobile transactions via the Bancontact app – ourselves.

Bancontact for your web shop

Making a payment via Bancontact is both easy and quick. All that's required is the card number and the expiry date, both of which are listed on the bank card. Using the so-called “digipass”, customers approve the payment via their own banking environment. After following these steps, the payment is successfully completed. In your Admin Panel, its status will change to “Paid”. You can then proceed with processing and delivering the order.

Easy installation with our plug-ins

You can choose from a wide range of systems when setting up your online shop. We have developed online shop plug-ins for a number of these systems, so you can easily link our payment methods to your online shop. To make the installation process as simple as possible, we offer a range of plug-ins for systems such as Magento, Opencart and Prestashop. If you would rather set up your own link to Bancontact, you can use our APIs.

An overview of the advantages
  • Payments are entirely risk-free and 100% guaranteed
  • Well known among Belgian consumers, 15 million cardholders
  • Paying via the app is supported since December 2017
  • Suitable for both professional and private customers
  • Payments are added to your statistics immediately, so you can process orders quickly
  • Included in all our packages, even the free Pioneer package
  • Easy and quick installation with just a few clicks

Bancontact availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service

Mobile payments via the app

In addition to paying with the well-known QR code, it is now also possible to pay with the Bancontact app itself. After confirming their order, customers can pay with the Bancontact app in just a few simple steps, without having to enter any card details.

In addition to this, PAY. is a Bancontact acquirer, processor and collector. That means your transactions are processed immediately, without intervention by any technical third parties. This leads to shorter processing times and an extremely reliable platform.


Bancontact is used in Belgium
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