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Pay later with Klarna

Klarna creates a smooth shopping experience for your customers. With this pay later payment method you as an entrepreneur get paid in advance while your customers can pay later: and that’s extremely smoooth. When you offer Klarna in your webshop via PAY. you not only create a frictionless customer experience, but you are also guaranteed to increase conversion and boost your average order value.

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Payments payment method Klarna

Klarna, the ultimate pay later payment method

Klarna is active in 17 countries, has more than 85 million end customers and collaborates with more than 200.000 (web)shops. The pay later payment method offers its services to consumers and retailers where themes such as social shopping and personal finance play a vital role. Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 and joined its forces with SOFORT in 2014 as the Klarna Group.

The benefits of Klarna Payments

With Klarna Payments via PAY. you take your webshop to a higher level. KP ensures that your webshop is always equipped with the latest functionalities. This makes online shopping and paying later even easier for your customers. With Klarna Payments in your webshop:

  • You have access to the most innovative pay later solutions in your webshop;
  • You create a personalized customer experience for returning customers;
  • You will be given the option to have all customer data collected by Klarna;
  • Klarna automatically adds new payment methods and adjusts the payment solution as well;
  • You get an automatic solution for keeping track of current and future legal requirements - Klarna updates this information for you at any time.

The benefits of paying later with Klarna

In addition to KP, Klarna offers safe and easy pay later options by invoice in 14 or in 30 days. Pay now is a flexible payment method where customers can pay quickly and easily with one click via bank transfer or direct debit in your Klarna webshop. This can be done within 14 days. With Pay later this is possible up to 30 days after the actual purchase. With Klarna in your webshop you increase your conversion and you offer a simple and secure payment method!

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Authorize and capture Klarna payments in your webshop

When your customer chooses Klarna in your webshop, a credit check is done in a split second to determine whether the consumer is allowed to pay later via Klarna. If this check is successful, you will receive an immediate signal that the amount has been authorized. At that moment you can send the order to your customer. Once the order has been shipped, the authorization is (partially) converted to a "capture". Capturing can be done in different ways:

  • Via the API Transaction: Capture
  • Automatically via the plugin as soon as the order is moved from processing to complete
  • Via the Admin Panel in the Transactions/Authorizations tab
  • Automatically after a predetermined number of days (the maximum is 14)

To accept Klarna payments in your online shop, you need an account. You can create this account on Klarna’s website. After completing the registration process, Klarna will issue you a MerchantID and a shared secret. You can then add these to your service at PAY. It's possible to do so both live and in a test environment, so you can test the integration to your heart’s content before you go “live” with it.

Money flow via PAY.

Captured Klarna reservations are added to your book balance, while the pay-outs are included with your regular PAY. clearings. You can also easily (and partially) refund your payments via PAY. Look up the payment, select the products you want to refund and PAY. will take care of the rest.

The benefits of Klarna at a glance
  • The most used payment method worldwide
  • No risk for the webshop
  • Capture reservations via API, plugin, the Admin Panel or automatically after a few days
  • Paying later is growing in online popularity
  • Easy integration via PAY.
  • Klarna takes care of the complete invoice process

Klarna availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


Paying later via Klarna is available in The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Great Britain and the United States.
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