Pay later with Klarna


Klarna’s payment methods are designed to make online shopping as easy as possible. The customer can choose to pay later or in instalments – whichever manner suits them best.

Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 with the goal of simplifying the payment process. Klarna does this by allowing consumers to receive their products first, before paying for them. At the same time, online shop owners’ potential credit and fraud risks are covered. Klarna is currently one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

In 2014, Klarna and SOFORT joined forces to form the Klarna Group. The Klarna Group is active in eighteen markets and collaborates with more than 65,000 online shops.

Betaalmethode Klarna

Pay later: within 14 days

Klarna offers safe and easy pay later options using invoices. The customer can choose to pay within fourteen days (at no additional charge).

  • Increases your conversion
  • Easy and safe for your customers
  • No need for bank details or a card reader

Klarna activation

Authorisation and Capture

When your customer chooses this payment method, a credit check is conducted in a split second to determine whether they are eligible to pay later. If the customer passes this check, you will immediately be notified that the payment has been authorised. You can then process the order and ship the products. Once that is done, you can partially or wholly turn the authorisation into a “capture.” There are several ways to do so:

  • Via the API Transaction: Capture
  • Automatically via the plug-in as soon as the order status changes from “processing” to “complete”
  • Via the Admin Panel in the Transactions/Authorisations tab
  • Automatically after a set number of days (no more than 14)

Contract and payment

To accept Klarna payments in your online shop, you need an account. You can create this account on Klarna’s website. After completing the registration process, Klarna will issue you a MerchantID and a shared secret. You can then add these to your service at PAY. It's possible to do so both live and in a test environment, so you can test the integration to your heart’s content before you go “live” with it.


Money stream via PAY.

Captured Klarna reservations are added to your balance, after which the payments are included as part of your standard PAY. clearings. You can also issue partial or full refunds easily via PAY. Simply select the payment, choose which products you wish to refund and we will take care of the rest.

Available categories

Klarna is available when your service or website falls into one of the following categories:

  • Consumer purchases (average order value < €100)
  • Baby & kids
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Gifts & cards
  • Health
  • Electronics
  • Food & beverages
  • Fashion, clothing & footwear
  • Gadgets
  • Charities
  • Watches & jewellery
  • Home & decoration
  • Books, magazines and DVDs
  • Music, movies & games
  • Jewellery & accessories
  • Toys
  • Sports and leisure
  • Garden & tools
  • Holiday & travel
  • Department stores
  • Dealers in precious metals and diamonds
  • Animals and supplies
An overview of the advantages
  • Worldwide the most used post-payment method
  • No risk to the webshop
  • Book reservations through API, plugin, Admin Panel or automatically after a few days
  • Post-payment methods are increasing in popularity
  • Easy integration via PAY.
  • The entire billing process will be taken off your hands

Klarna availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


Pay later via Klarna is available in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria
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