World's most accepted credit card


VISA is the world’s largest credit card provider, which makes it a popular payment option both online and offline. In Europe alone, Visa has nearly 150 million cardholders. As with other credit cards, consumers can use their Visa card to purchase something in your online shop and pay for it later. The amount is not taken out of their bank account immediately. Instead, the credit card provider will bill the consumer at a later date. This can be seen as a personal loan that is instantly granted to the consumer by the credit card company.

For international online shops

Whether you sell the latest fashion, books, trips, food or toys, your customers can immediately pay for everything online with Visa. It's the largest credit card provider in the world with 1.3 billion cardholders. Offering this payment method in your online shop significantly expands your potential audience. The credit card is a suitable payment option for any Dutch entrepreneur who also sells their products abroad – not only because it is a well-known payment method all over the world, but also because it makes it easy to pay for large purchases in your online shop.

Visa checkout page

Betaalmethode VISA Creditcard

VISA for your online shop

With our ready-for-use plug-ins, standard payment screens or our API, the installation of our payment services is a piece of cake. After completing the installation, you can add the VISA payment method to your online shop or website at the press of a button. This payment option is available through the Professional (S) package.

Added security with 3D secure technology

To ensure that the use of VISA is safe for both entrepreneurs and consumers, we conduct an additional security check called 3D secure as part of every transaction. This means that an additional verification is carried out in addition to the entry of card details. The exact process of this security check differs per bank or card provider.

A step-by-step overview of the VISA payment process 

Every VISA card comes with the “Verified by VISA” security measure by default. Cardholders can only make payments with this additional security feature if their bank or card provider has actually added the service to the card. In some cases, the customer is asked to enter more information in addition to their card details when making a payment with their VISA card. This usually consists of a number of digits of the code listed on the back of the card or an additional password. The latter is always the case when using the extra security service “Verified by VISA.”

Below, you will find a step-by-step overview of the entire payment process.

  1. The consumer enters their information, completes the order and selects the VISA payment method. The PAY. payment screen is opened.
  2. The consumer may change the language settings of the payment screen. Next, they enter their personal and card details and click on 'Continue'.
  3. In some cases, the consumer will go through an additional security check after clicking this button, because of the “Verified by VISA” feature. The consumer is asked to enter their password. 
  4. PAY. processes the transaction in mere seconds.
  5. The payment is completed successfully. The consumer is directed to your online shop’s order confirmation page. You are free to choose the message you want to display on this page.

An overview of the advantages
  • The most popular credit card in the world
  • Quality assurance with our PCI-certified system
  • Extremely popular among consumers due to the added security and guarantees
  • Additional security checks conducted by Visa and PAY.
  • Can be added to your website or online shop easily and quickly
  • No need to sign any additional contracts 

VISA availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


The VISA credit card is used globally.

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