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Shop carefree and online with Visa.

With 1.3 billion cardholders worldwide, Visa is the largest credit card provider and for that reason a widely used payment method in both online and physical stores. Whether you sell the latest fashion, books, travel, food or toys in your webshop, with Visa via Pay. you offer your customers a way to pay for their purchases directly online. Visa credit card payments are not debited immediately, but are billed by Visa to your customer at a later time.

With Visa as a payment method you effortlessly increase your international reach.

With Visa as a payment method in your webshop, you reach a wide range of potential customers. For every Dutch entrepreneur who also offers products abroad, paying with a credit card is always a suitable payment option. Not only because Visa is a well-known and popular payment method all over the world, but also because paying large amounts is more accessible than ever.


Activate the payment method Visa in your webshop.

With our ready-to-use plugins, standard payment screens or APIs, the installation of Visa in your webshop is easily arranged. After the installation you can add the payment method to your webshop at the touch of a button. You can offer Visa as a credit card payment method in your webshop from the Professional package.

Extra safe thanks to Visa's 3D Secure technology.

Pay. wants to unburden you as an entrepreneur as much as possible and at the same time ensure that your customers can pay safely in your webshop. Payments with the Visa card via Pay. are therefore secured with the 3D Secure technology. This is an additional security check that is performed in addition to entering the credit card information. The process of 3D Secure technology differs per bank and card issuer.


How does the Visa payment process work?

To enable secure online payments all Visa credit cards are equipped with Visa Secure (formerly known as Verified by Visa). With the help of Visa Secure, customers in your webshop can pay online with their Visa card in two ways, which is via an SMS code or by confirming the transaction in the app. And the payment process via Pay? It works as follows:

  1. Your customer fills in his/her details and selects the Visa payment method. After this step, the Pay. payment screen will show up.
  2. In the payment screen, the consumer can change the language if necessary. Then the (personal) card details from the Visa credit card can be filled in.
  3. By clicking on "continue", your customer will be forwarded to the Visa Secure environment where he/she will be asked to confirm the transaction via an SMS code or via the app.
  4. In the meantime, Pay. processes the transaction. This takes up a few seconds.
  5. The payment with Visa is successful after the customer has confirmed the payment with the additional security check of Visa Secure and after Pay. has processed the transaction accordingly. The consumer then ends up on the order confirmation page of your webshop. The text on this page can be adjusted completely and according to your own wishes.
The benefits of Visa at a glance.
  • The most used credit card worldwide
  • Quality guaranteed (PCI certified system)
  • Very popular because of the extra security and guarantees
  • Additional security checks by Visa and Pay.
  • Easy and quick to connect to your website or webshop
  • You do not have to sign separate contracts

Why Pay. behind every payment?

Growing with your business means you need as much relevant data and insights as possible. You'll find those in the dashboard and the Pay. app.

Pay. offers your customers all the payment methods they expect - and more. This way, you develop a superior customer experience and the highest conversion rate.


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