Most popular online payment method in the Netherlands

iDEAL for your online shop

With iDEAL, your customers can pay safely and easily via their own familiar banking environment. All Dutch banks offer this payment option, and its ease of use, its trusted image and its speed make it extremely popular among consumers. The low costs per transaction also make it an appealing choice for entrepreneurs.

Quick, safe and via one’s own bank

iDEAL has been the most popular payment method for years among online shoppers in the Netherlands. This service lets people pay for their order via their own familiar banking environment. This SEPA payment is processed immediately and, unlike credit card payments, it is 100% guaranteed. The paid amount will be added to the customer’s bank statement immediately.

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PAY. is an iDEAL acquirer

Did you know that PAY. has had its own iDEAL Acquirer licence since 15 February 2018? This makes us less reliant on third parties, results in a more stable system and effectively halves the processing time when setting up transactions.

Try it for free

To allow you to familiarise yourself with our system and the payment solutions we offer, we have created the free Pioneer (XS) package. With this package (with no monthly fee), you can use nearly all of our payment options in your online shop.
If your order volume continues to grow and you are satisfied with PAY.'s services, it is always possible to upgrade your package to access even more useful features and even more competitive rates.

iDEAL for your online shop

Installing our payment services is a piece of cake with our standard plug-ins fo online shops. After downloading the plug-in, you simply add it to your server and proceed with the rest of the installation process. You can then select the payment options you wish to use in the PAY. Admin Panel.

When your customer opts to pay via iDEAL and has selected their bank, our system will direct them to their own bank’s payment screen. The customer completes the payment by following the standard internet banking steps. Completed (and failed) payments are added to the management system, so you can quickly proceed with the delivery of the ordered products or services, if appropriate.

Supported by all Dutch banks

It doesn't matter which Dutch bank your customer uses, because they all support iDEAL. This payment option is therefore always available to your customers as a way of immediately paying for their order online.

iDEAL is available to all merchants, since this payment method is part of all our packages, including the free Pioneer package!

An overview of the advantages
  • Payments are risk-free and 100% guaranteed
  • Competitive rates per transaction
  • Familiar, well known and with a wide coverage
  • Immediate insight into payments, so you can process orders quickly
  • Suitable for both professional and private customers
  • Issue refunds at the press of a button
  • Pay even faster via the smartphone app
  • Conduct payments via your desktop without a reader/identifier

iDEAL availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


The iDEAL payment option is being used in the Netherlands
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