Meet your new partner in payment solutions.

Pay. is the payment partner for digital agencies, platforms and SaaS solutions. With Pay. you offer your customers an easy payment flow - and merchants can receive payments within 15 minutes. 



We are happy to work with you.


Only the beste payment solutions.

With Pay. you get innovative payment solutions easily linked to all popular (e-commerce) platforms. Pay. offers extensive (omnichannel) features and a wide range of local and international payment methods.

Designed for digital agencies.

With Pay.'s partner programme, you offer customers the best payment solution. Our partner managers always give you tailored payment advice, and our integration specialists help with integrations. You get a complete insight into merchant transactions with a Pay. partner account.


For a SaaS business partnership.

Extend your business model by offering payments within your SaaS solution. We support you with our in-house built technology.

Omnichannel payments.

A business partnership with Pay. enables you to offer an omnichannel payment solution in your SaaS environment. Use our easy-to-integrate unified platform for (cloud) credit card and 50+ other online payment solutions.

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Pay. for an Alliance Partnership.

Extend your platform to receive, process and send payments. Easily add merchants on our platform, API, or with partner code.


Complete control over money flows.

Pay. offers a total solution for all money flows: online, mobile, in-store, subscriptions and invoicing. Settle costs with the book balance of merchants, and settle costs between merchants. This way, you can increase the efficiency of your platform fee collection.

The advantage of a partnership with Pay. is that we can trust eachother.
The entrepreneur aims for one system that can control everything for both the physical shop and the web shop
The dynamic QR integration works smoothly and is customer-friendly

Why partner with Pay?


Innovative solutions for merchants

Pay.'s services always provide merchants with innovative and novel payment solutions.


Extensive e-commerce platform connections

The in-house built e-commerce platform links with a wide range of omnichannel features.


Easily create and manage merchants

Merchants are live within 15 minutes, over our platform, API, or with a partner code.


Partner manager and support

Pay. is a dedicated partner and supports you with documentation and in-house support.


Benefit from our omnichannel expertise

Start using Pay.'s easy-to-integrate platform for (cloud) card payments and over 50 other online payment methods.


High-quality documentation and interaction support

We are happy to share our knowledge, and maintain up-to-date documentation and technical support.


Your entire payment flow managed by 1 party

Pay. is an acquirer, processor and gateway all in one for all popular payment methods.


Grow with Pay. and enhance your business model

Use the services of Pay. as a business model in your own SaaS solutions.


Various invoicing and payment flows

Allow the fees for the payment functionality to be integrated with the platform costs.


Fully API based setup

With Pay. you use flexible, multi-purpose API technology.


Settlement of your invoices against book balance

Partners have options to make deductions from the book balance of merchants.


Minimise regulatory overhead

Pay. helps with PCI compliance and know-your-customer (KYC) checks.

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