Pay. is acquirer and processor. 

Process iDEAL, Bancontact, American Express, Mastercard and VISA payments without relying on external organizations or intermediaries. The result: a reliable, efficient, and stable payment process. With optimal insights and higher conversion. 

Experience a smoother, quicker, and more secure payment flow that benefits both you and your valued customers.

As an acquirer processor, Pay. improves the payment ecosystem by reducing the number of links in the chain. Our comprehensive platform manages the entire money flow, resulting in faster processing times with minimal interruptions or failures.

Leveraging cutting-edge in-house technology, Pay. takes care of every aspect of the transaction, enabling us to continually monitor performance and ensure optimal results. Say goodbye to complexities and hello to seamless payment processing with Pay.


Acquirer & processor

3D Secure for authentication of credit card payments.

Experience the power of 3D Secure technology, developed in-house to give complete control over the authentication process for credit card payments. By taking ownership of this critical aspect, Pay. can fine-tune the settings for payment solutions like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or 3D Secure to perfectly align with the risk profile of entrepreneurs like you.

Optimal routing for enhanced conversion rates

When it comes to transactions involving iDEAL, Bancontact, and credit cards, Pay. ensures that they are routed through the most optimal processing and acquiring routes, maximising your conversion rates. Leveraging our processing routes and those of trusted partners, we guarantee a lightning-fast flow for your transactions. All payments are seamlessly and consistently forwarded to you, the merchant, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.


Elevate convenience and revenue with tokenisation.

With Pay.'s advanced payment tokenisation feature, we prioritize convenience for your customers in subsequent settlements. By securely storing your customers' encrypted card details within our systems, we eliminate the need for them to repeatedly enter their payment information. This streamlined process saves your customers time and effort with every transaction, allowing them to order more easily and frequently. 

More features by Pay.

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Extended reports

Increase your conversion with Pay.'s insights and reports. Get all the data you need with extensive filter and search options.
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Recurring payments

Set up recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships with ease using Pay.'s recurring payments feature.
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Insights with the Pay. app

Get insight into the online payment traffic of your webshops or websites at any time and from any location with the free Pay. app.
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Conversion optimisation

Google Analytics Sync by Pay. ensures that the transaction data in Google Analytics is synchronised with the data in the backend of your webshop.
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