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Effortless event ticket payments.

Smooth ticket sales are crucial for events. High transaction volumes at the start of sales, fraud prevention, and the combination of online pre-sales and box office sales make the payment process relatively complicated. Fortunately, Pay. has it covered.


Ticket sales with Pay.

Tickets for popular concerts or festivals are often sold out within minutes. This is only possible when both the ticketing system and payments operate flawlessly. At Pay, we collaborate with various partners, such as Eventree, Eventix, Leisureking, Itix, Rood Fluweel, and Twelveticketing, to make this happen.


The Pay. platform is designed for high volumes.

Sky-high demand for tickets, so big that it crashes the sales plaform - worst-case scenario for ticket sales. Rest assured: Pay. takes every precaution to make sure that that doesn't happen. 

 Pay. is always prepared for high volumes, monitoring our platform 24/7 and scaling up as needed. This approach allowed us to handle thousands of Eventree transactions at Motul TT Assen without any issues.
Moreover, we continuously seek additional solutions with our partners. For instance, we determine whether it's necessary to send every transaction update back to the platform immediately, or if it can be done later. These types of solutions significantly reduce pressure on the platform.

Why ticketing payments with Pay?


Unified box office, mobile, and online transactions

Whether it's online ticket sales for an event or purchases during a performance, all transactions converge on the Pay. platform.


The latest generation of mobile payment terminals

Pay. provides all the most recent payment terminals for your needs, all of which are user-friendly and simple to install. Choose to buy, rent, or lease.


Scalable and expandable platform

The Pay. platform is scalable, ensuring that capacity can be expanded during peak times, such as at the start of ticket sales, to guarantee uptime.


The payment partner for 15,000+ businesses

Pay.'s service and support give you 24/7 visibility into your payments. Benefit from our experience and knowledge to grow your business further.

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Pay.'s scalability options provide us with a stable and cashless payment system.
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Instant refunds at events.

In the event of cancellations or returned tokens, it is essential to refund visitors promptly. Pay. guarantees that funds are returned to the visitor's account before they head home, thanks to our instant refund feature. Working closely with our partner Tactile, we have developed a fully automated cashless payment-system that streamlines the refund process for a seamless visitor experience.

Secure transactions with Pay.

The VERIFY module in the Pay. platform scrutinises all payments for potential fraud by analysing various transaction factors, including the amount, payment method, country of the transaction, and more.

For this reason, we always require the event date for each ticket sale. Our experience has shown that the risk of fraud increases when the event is imminent. This might happen, for example, when a credit card owner is unaware that their card has been used to purchase a ticket without their consent.


International payment methods. 

Visitors often come from different countries, and so use different (local) payment methods. Pay lets you offer all those different payment options to your customers. Seamlessly integrate all popular and well-established payment methods into your webshop, such as iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, credit cards. 

With Pay, your customers can make purchases using more than 50 local and international payment options, a number that continues to grow. Pay. provides the ideal combination of payment methods for every customer and ticket seller, leading to optimal conversion and increased revenue.

Pay.'s alliance technology.

A significant number of tickets are sold through partner systems. In these instances, partners can opt to utilize Pay.'s alliance technology

The alliance technology is designed for the effortless integration of new theaters, event organizers, or concert venues - all while maintaining organized cash flows. Costs can be directly settled, and revenue is immediately transferred to the organizer's account, saving time and ensuring that funds end up in the appropriate place.


Benefits of ticketing with Pay. 
  • Process high volumes 
  • Real-time insight into all transactions: in-store, mobile, and online
  • Enhanced security with the VERIFY fraud module
  • Bank-independent
  • Instant refunds
  • Manage all your terminals in the Pay. platform
  • High-quality technical support and next day  delivery of terminals
  • Initiate card transactions via the linked cash register, the Pay. app, the Pay. platform, or manually

Are you our new payments partner? 

Pay. continually seeks partnerships that can improve our payment processing and work together to deliver an exceptional payment experience for our merchants and their customers.