The Giropay online payment method is extremely popular among German consumers, making it a perfect solution for online shops targeting the German market. The payment process is quite similar to the iDEAL process. It's secure, familiar and handled entirely via the consumer’s own online banking environment. More than 80 percent of all German banks are affiliated with this scheme, which means this payment option opens your online shop up to 40 million potential customers!

Online payment method for German consumers

Offering the Giropay payment method in your online shop is particularly interesting if you're offering your products online to German consumers. The system is quite similar to the popular Dutch iDEAL system, is easy to use, and every transaction is 100% guaranteed because it's handled directly via the consumer’s own online banking environment. Around 75% of all Germans have a Giropay card, which allows them to use this payment method.

Giropay checkout page

Betaalmethode Giropay

Giropay for your web shop

If a consumer chooses to pay via Giropay, they won't have to enter any card details. This payment method functions in much the same way as iDEAL. The Giropay payment screen has the familiar look and feel of the payment option itself, giving the consumer a feeling of security and reliability.

Every payment made with this popular German payment method starts with entering the bank code and the account number. The login procedure, which differs per bank, then follows. The consumer has to go through the steps of the identification process, which means that only the card holder (who knows the PIN number or the password) can successfully complete the payment. As a result, every payment is 100% guaranteed and entrepreneurs run no risk of reversed payments.

Ready-to-use solution with plug-ins

Would you like to add Giropay to your online shop? With our standard plug-ins for online shops, the installation process is a piece of cake. Our plug-ins are free and you can choose from a number of different systems. Links to “hosted online shops”, such as CS-Cart and WooCommerce are also available.

For example, we offer ready-made solutions for CScart, WooCommerce and much more.

Also available in Austria

In addition to German consumers, Austrian customers can also use this popular payment method. An increasing number of Austrians are making online payments via Giropay.

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An overview of the advantages
  • Wide reach with nearly 40 million customers
  • Giropay payments are 100% guaranteed
  • Available to both German and Austrian consumers
  • Immediate insight into payments, so you can process orders quickly
  • Suitable for both professional and private customers
  • Familiar; customers pay via their own banking environment
  • Included in all our packages, including the free Pioneer package
  • Easy installation with PAY.’s plug-ins 

Giropay availability

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xs Professional Full service
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xs Corporate Full service


Giropay is available in Germany and Austria.

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