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The software package for hosting and domain management: Hostbill

HostBill is a software package for hosting and domain management. With this tool, you can manage your hosting customers, automate processes and ensure that invoices are paid on time.

Currently more than 2000 companies use the services of HostBill. The popularity is partly due to the amount of integrations HostBill has with other websites, services and apps.

PAY. plugin for HostBill

HostBill has recently been linked to the PAY. platform. Merchants that use this e-commerce system can therefore settle their hosting and domain invoices together with PAY.’s payment methods.

You need an account in order to make a link between HostBill and PAY. PAY. offers a wide range of packages, beginning with the free PioneerIf you would like to use more advanced features or offer the credit card as a payment method, then we would suggest to either use the Professional or Business package. You can read everything about the activation of our payment methods in the HostBill manual.

Installation manual

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