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Top rated virtual money system for WordPress: myCred

myCRED is a virtual money system that is available as a plugin for CMS WordPress

Activate and stimulate your community with unique credits. Your website visitors can earn these credits by contributing to discussions on your website. With the PAY. payment methods plugin, users can also purchase these credits and exchange them for articles, files or e-books. The possibilities are endless.

Download the free plugin

Would you like to use the payment methods of PAY. together with myCRED? Log in to the Admin Panel and click on ‘Support’, ‘Files’ and then ‘Plugins’ to download the free plugin. After downloading the plugin log into WordPress and install the plugin in your WordPress backend environment.

WordPress plugin directory

You can also install the plugin via the WordPress Plugin Directory. This means that you no longer need to download the plugin (or any future versions) via our Admin Panel. You can install the plugin directly from your WordPress CMS. Newer versions of the plugin will be displayed in your CMS and can be updated with just one click.

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