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The intelligent solution for a unique Live Shopping experience!

Many stores sell great products but it's unfortunate that static product images can't always capture that. The dynamic nature of live shopping allows you to showcase your products in a way as if you were giving face-to-face advice but with the convenience of online. Live shopping is a unique tool that can mimic the deeply social and interactive experience of in-person shopping. Merchants are choosing live shopping with ELISA to better differentiate themselves in a personal way.

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Live Shopping

Live shopping is used by retailers and brands to promote and sell products through live streams on social media. The goal is to provide consumers with a dynamic, informative and interactive shopping experience. The ELISA robot helps with this by automatically registering orders, sending messages, and much more. Did you know that live shopping creates more views, more interaction, higher conversions and lower returns?

No webshop?

That's no problem with ELISA! They have designed a shopping cart specifically for retailers without a webshop that allows online payments to be made.

Do have a webshop?

Elisa also offers options for retailers who do have a webshop. Through their webshop integrations you can synchronize the products on your website with Elisa's software for easy stock management during the live stream and more! Elisa easily integrates with Woocommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento and more.

''Getting started is easy. Just link your social media account to ELISA and within a few seconds you are ready to set up your first live campaign! The team of Elisa will gladly help you on your way''

Payment Options enabled in Elisa:

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