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Your partner for the road to online success: Sherpaan

Sherpaan has more than 10 years of experience in helping ambitious e-commerce companies with the design and optimization of the backend environment of webshops. The software provides more insight into all back office processes. With Sherpaan, you get more time to develop your company and you get the possibility to offer a higher reliability to your customers, which will ultimately lead to a positive customer experience.

Sherpaan Payments

Make use of all payment services as offered by PAY. Sherpaan's software automatically arranges the invoice which is then sent to the customer. The invoice is archived and can easily be found in the back office of Sherpaan. Additional payments or refunds are also easy to manage. For business customers or customers who buy products or services with an invoice, the debtor management system can be automated and e-mail templates can also be created. A private Point of Sale/cash register is also available for physical stores or showroom sales.

Sherpaan Payments

  • Bank statement processing
  • Automatic matching of payment receipts with unmatched and open invoices
  • Manually matching payment receipts with unmatched and open invoices
  • Reception and registration of advance payments and the release of relevant orders
  • Processing of cash receipts
  • The option to make a download of payments to be made (refunds via PAY.)
  • Management of refunds
  • Searching receipts and payments
  • Booking credits (credit/deposit) with a customer
  • Optional: PAY.’s option to automatic read payment

Your advantages:

  • Process more orders with the same number of personnel
  • Reduce errors by gaining more insight
  • Overview, an all-in-one system
  • Pick paperless orders
  • Efficient processes
  • Further development based on your own wishes in order to grow your online business
  • Continuous innovation to grow

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