Pay later with Billink

What is Billink?

Paying later is the way to convince your customer to make a purchase. In addition to Klarna and AfterPay, Billink also offers a safe solution to increase the turnover in your webshop!

This payment method is pioneer in the field of pay later payment methods and is an innovative payment solution for online retail. With the reliable knowledge of more than 11.6 million Dutch consumers and companies, Billink is your after-sales payment solution. Safe, reliable, fast ... and Dutch. With Billink cart abandonment is something from the past. That is why you should optimize your webshop with Billink via PAY!

App payment method Billink

Pay later with Billink

  • More conversion:
  • Offering Billink results in a significant increase of your turnover. Online purchases are often carried out impulsively. Usually there is no possibility to pay for the order immediately.
  • Guarantee up to € 1.500,- for consumers and up to € 10.000,- for business:
  • Depending on your wishes, Billink completely eliminates the risk of non-payers by guaranteeing private payments up to € 1.500,-. A guarantee of up to € 10.000,- applies to business transactions. This makes Billink the only payment solution in The Netherlands that offers this limit for business transactions that are paid afterwards.
  • Average acceptance of 87% / 90%:
  • To allow as many customers as possible into the acceptance process, smart technology is used for a reliable credit check.
  • No annual contract or subscription:
  • With this payment method in your webshop you can always get in and out whenever you want. And that’s extremely flexible.
  • Low costs:
  • Billink has very favourable rates.
  • Payment via PAY:
  • You do not need to create an account with Billink. Your funds are paid out directly via PAY.

Paying with Billink

  1. In the checkout page, your customer selects the payment option Billink. If the order form does not contain enough information to perform a proper credit check, the customer will be asked to fill in additional information.
    Note: This payment method checks the data online and real-time for creditworthiness. If your customer is not eligible to use this payment method, he/she will be given the option to pay via another payment method.
  2. The order is accepted when your customer passes the credit check. After a positive credit check, you can send the products while Billink sends the invoice to the customer. From that moment on, the payment method guarantees the payment.
  3. Your customer must pay the invoice within 14 days. Your customer can pay the invoice by bank transfer or via iDEAL.

About Billink

Billink is an innovative post-payment solution for online retailers. This pay later payment method is innovative, collaborative and refreshing. Billink always finds solutions for its clients and always makes sure to stimulate them proactively. Billink offers you a complete service from invoicing to collection and risk cover. In short: you do not run any risk by offering Billink in your webshop. And that is convenience for both your customer and yourself; and that is exactly Billink’s premise!

Overview payment method Billink

Transaction value limit

In the Pioneer package you can have transactions up to a maximum of € 250,- settled via Billink. Do you have transactions with a higher value? In that case you can contact your account manager and increase this limit (from the Professional package).

An overview of the advantages
  • Pay later payment methods are extremely popular
  • No annual contract or subscription
  • Billink is already available from the Pioneer package
  • Payment of your credits via PAY.
  • Paying afterwards stimulates the purchasing behaviour
  • High acceptance rate
  • Guarantee up to € 750,- for consumers and € 2.500,- for businesses
  • The complete invoicing process is taken care of for you
  • You can immediately deliver the order after approval from Billink
  • Easy integration via PAY.

Billink availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service

Would you like more information about Billink? Please contact us via or call 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.


Pay later is offered by Billink in the Netherlands

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