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Billink is the pioneer in the field of paying later; the innovative payment solution for online retailers. With reliable knowledge on around 11.6 million Dutch consumers and businesses, Billink is your solution for paying later. Safe, reliable, fast... and Dutch!

The abandoned shopping cart is now a thing of the past. Optimise your checkout process with Billink. Paying later is the ideal method for enticing consumers to make a purchase. Billink offers a secure solution to enable you to realise that increased revenue.

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Why pay later with Billink?

  • More conversion: Offering the option of paying later will result in a significant increase in revenue. Online purchases are often made impulsively and it's often not possible to pay for the order immediately.
  • Guaranteed up to € 1.500,- for private consumers and € 10.000,- for professional customers: Depending on your wishes, Billink can eliminate the risk of non-payment by guaranteeing private payments up to € 1.500,-. For professional transactions the guaranteed amount is € 10.000,-. 
  • Average acceptance of 87/90%: To allow as many customers as possible through the acceptance process, smart technology is utilised to conduct a reliable credit check.
  • No annual contract or subscription: Billink allows you to start and stop using its service at any time.
  • Low costs: Billink offers exceptionally competitive rates.
  • Payment via PAY.: You do not have to create a Billink account. Instead, your balance is paid out directly by PAY.

How does it work?

  1. Your customer selects the “Billink Pay later” option on the checkout page. If the order form does not contain enough information to conduct a proper creditworthiness check, the customer will be asked to provide additional information.

    Note: Billink will verify the customer’s creditworthiness online and in real time. If your customer is not eligible to pay later, they will immediately be given the option to pay for their order using a different payment method. 
  2. Once your customer has passed the check, the order will be accepted. You can then ship the product and Billink will send out the invoice. From that moment, Billink guarantees the payment.
  3. Your customer must pay the invoice within fourteen days. They can easily do so via iDEAL or a bank transfer.

About Billink

Billink is an innovative pay-later solution for online retailers. The methodologies and philosophies this organisation employs are characterised as innovative, involved and refreshing. Billink is enthusiastic about discussing solutions with its clients, continuing to challenge them proactively by doing so.

Billink offers a full range of services from invoicing to collection and hedging. In short, you run virtually no risks by offering this pay-later method in your online shop. The goal is to make things easier for both you and your customers. 

Available categories

Billink is available if your service or website falls into one of the following categories: 

  • Consumer purchases (order value < €100)
  • Baby & kids
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Gifts & cards
  • Gift cards, vouchers, call credit
  • Health
  • Electronics
  • Food & beverages
  • Fashion, clothing & footwear
  • Gadgets
  • Watches & jewellery
  • Home & decoration
  • Books, magazines and DVDs
  • Music, movies & games
  • Education and training
  • Jewellery & accessories
  • Toys
  • Sports and leisure
  • Garden & tools
  • Holiday & travel
  • Department stores
  • Tobacco & e-cigarettes
  • Cars and bikes (components)
  • Animals and supplies

Transaction value limit

The Pioneer package allows the payment of transactions of up to €250 via Billink. If the value of your transactions is higher than that, you can increase this limit in the Professional package and upwards. To do so, please contact your account manager.

An overview of the advantages
  • Paying later is an increasingly popular method
  • No annual contract or subscription
  • Billink is available with the Pioneer package
  • Payment of your balance via PAY.
  • Paying later encourages purchasing behaviour
  • High degree of acceptance
  • Guaranteed up to €750 for private purchases and €2,500 for professional transactions
  • The entire invoicing process is taken care of
  • You can process the order immediately after approval from Billink
  • Easy integration via PAY.

Billink availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


Pay later is offered by Billink in the Netherlands

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