Ground-breaking in online money transfers

Online bank payments with Trustly

With Trustly in your webshop you reach more than 400 million consumers in 29 European countries. Paying with this payment service is simple and can be done online or with the help of a mobile phone or tablet. In addition, paying via Trustly is safe because the payment service does not store user bank details.


How does Trustly work?

Your customer does not need to register with Trustly to make a payment. With Trustly, your customers pay safely and quickly online without leaving your webshop. When your customer makes a purchase and chooses Trustly, a pop-up screen appears and the payment can be completed in a few clicks:

  1. Your customer selects Trustly as a payment method in your check-out.
  2. Your customer then selects their own bank and the bank account they want to make the purchase with. Within the trusted banking environment, the customer confirms the payment with an e-reader or QR-code.
  3. The payment is processed and your customer is redirected to the payment page of your webshop where they can see whether the payment was successful or if it has failed.

Trustly in your webshop

You can choose from a large number of systems for the development of your Trustly webshop. We have developed webshop plugins for various systems. With the help of these plugins you can instantly link our payment methods, including Trustly, to your webshop. To make the installation as easy as possible, we offer several plugins. Examples are Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop. Would you like to link Trustly yourself? You can do so by using one of our flexible APIs.

A guaranteed payment method

When customers pay via Trustly in your webshop, they do this online through their own trusted banking environment. Because the payment is directly debited from the account, the payment is always guaranteed. This means that you are not at risk of cancellations and chargebacks.


Would you like to know more about Trustly in your webshop?

Trustly is now available in our direct implementation. Plugins are rolled out based on available capacity. For questions about the availability of a specific plugin, please contact us via or by telephone on 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

The advantages of Trustly
  • The first choice for online bank payments
  • Affiliated with 3.300 European banks
  • Supports trusted local currencies
  • The consumer does not need to register
  • Flexible, safe and conversion-enhancing
  • Easy integration of Trustly via PAY.
  • Available from the Pioneer package

Trustly availability

xs Pioneer Full Service
xs Professional Full Service
xs Business Full Service
xs Corporate Full Service


Trustly is available in Sweden, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria and Slovakia.
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