Payment methods

SOFORT banking.

SOFORT banking (formerly known as Direct ebanking) is a variation on payment via bank transfer and enables customers to pay from a number of countries using their own familiar banking environment. This is an excellent option if you also want to sell your products or services outside the Netherlands. This payment solution is particularly popular in Germany, although consumers in countries such as Austria and Belgium are also increasingly using it.

Around 20,000 banks in the EU support SOFORT banking’s online payment system. Account holders at these banks can use the payment service via their own banking environment.

Secure payments from 7 countries.

Do you sell your products outside the Netherlands? SOFORT banking enables your customers to pay via their own banking environment, through a process similar to the one for an iDEAL payment. The payment is processed immediately by the consumer’s bank. SOFORT banking is currently available in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Spain
SOFORT banking for your online shop.

SOFORT banking is an easy-to-use payment service that makes it possible to transfer money directly from several countries. The payment is processed by the consumer’s own bank. This payment method meets strict security standards and has therefore acquired several certifications, including the TUV certification.

Your customers do not need to create an account to use the SOFORT banking payment option. Similarly, entrepreneurs do not have to register for anything either. You can set everything up quickly and easily via Pay. A web shop with SOFORT banking is available through the free Pioneer (XS) package.

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Pitfalls of SOFORT.

A SOFORT banking payment is a SEPA bank transfer payment. However, it is possible that a payment might not be received. Unreceived payments are increasingly prevalent, especially associated with desirable products such as smartphones, computer equipment and high-value tickets. You should therefore carefully consider when to ship your products.

Contact your account manager to discuss the settings best for you if you wish to use the SOFORT banking payment method. Depending on your service, they can advise you and help you avoid potential trouble in the future.

Technical innovations implemented by Pay. limit risks.

Pay. gives you the option of delaying the shipment of your products until the payment has actually been received. Once that's happened, the order is added to your statistics and you can rest assured that you will actually receive the payment in your account.

You can set the minimum order amount at which shipping is delayed in your Admin Panel.

It is not possible to delay the delivery of some products or services, such as digital content or call credit. You should therefore note in your business case that a certain percentage of these payments will not be available immediately.

An overview of the advantages.
  • Available in 8 European countries
  • More countries are added regularly
  • For professional and private customers
  • Customers pay via their own familiar banking environment
  • Easy and secure payment method (with a TUV certification)


An overview of the disadvantages.
  • Reception of the payment is not 100% guaranteed



Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

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