The most popular payment method in Poland


Przelewy24 is the most widely used payment method in Poland. More than 350 banks are affiliated with Przelewy24. The payment process is very similar to iDEAL; payments take place via the trusted banking environment of your customer. In addition, your customers can pay in the Polish Złoty (PLN) while you receive the payment in the euro currency. In Poland, the bank transfer is the most popular way to pay online. Between 80% - 90% of the online payments are made by bank transfer.

Increase your customer satisfaction and conversion in Poland

P24 is the most popular payment method in Poland. Do you have (potential) customers in Poland and do you want to serve this target group? Then start offering Przelewy24 in your online webshop!


P24: a guaranteed payment method

P24 guarantees the payment to you as a merchant, without risking chargebacks. The payment is confirmed immediately and cannot be reversed by the consumer (your customer).

Watch the instruction video to see how you can activate Przelewy24 in your online webshop.

An overview of the advantages
  • Payments are 100% guaranteed
  • Favourable rates per transaction
  • Popular and widely used in Poland
  • Direct insight into payments
  • This payment method is for B2B and B2C
  • Reverse the payment with just one click
  • Pay even faster with the Przelewy24 app
  • Pay via your desktop without a reader / identifier

Przelewy24 availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


The payment option Przelewy24 is available in Poland.
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