American Express (AMEX)

American Express credit card

American Express (AMEX)

American Express is one of the largest credit card companies in the world and is widely used, both offline and online. American Express (AMEX) works exactly like any other credit card. Consumers can buy their products or services online and pay the amount back after one month. The amount is not debited directly from the bank account, but billed to the consumer via the credit card company AMEX. This way of paying for your products can also be seen as a personal loan that the credit card company provides directly to the consumer. American Express cards are popular because of their extensive services and the many extras (i.e. the loyalty program). When getting an American Express credit card, consumers can choose between a green card, a gold card or a platinum card.

Betaalmethode American Express (AMEX)

For the international webshop

Whatever products or services you offer online, with American Express your customer can pay for their products or services. The American Express credit card is used worldwide. With this payment method in your webshop, you will obtain and reach a lot of potential customers. The credit card is a suitable payment option for every entrepreneur who also offers products abroad. It’s a very popular payment method and users usually pay higher amounts with this payment option.

AMEX credit cards are also used in The Netherlands: 5% of the Dutch credit cards are AMEX credit cards. They provide a total of 15% of the credit card turnover. You could say that these cardholders are generally 'big spenders'. Take advantage of this fact as an entrepreneur!

Loyalty programs

American Express has a loyalty program and an extensive rewards system. Users receive at least 1 Membership Reward point every time they spend an euro with their AMEX credit card. These savings can be made for gifts, discounts, airline tickets and hotel stays. And for you, this can also be very useful: American Express cardholders are sensitive when it comes to loyalty programs. Take advantage of this too and see if you can bind these potential customers to your product or service through a loyalty program.

American Express in your webshop

With our ready-to-use plugins or API the installation of our payment services is done in no time. After the installation, you can add the American Express payment method to your webshop or website with just one click. This payment method is available from the Business (M) package and onwards.

The payment process

  1. The customer enters his/her details, completes the order and chooses American Express as payment method. The PAY. payment screen will show up during this process.
  2. If necessary, the customer can change the language of the payment screen. The customer can then fill in his/her personal card details and click on ‘Pay now’.
  3. In most cases, the consumer goes through an additional step because of the American Express Safe Key measure. The consumer then enters his/her password.
  4. The transaction is processed by PAY. This will only take a few seconds.
  5. The payment is done and successfully processed. The consumer will be directed to the confirmation page of your webshop. You can adjust the text on the ‘thank you page’ as you desire.

American Express Safe Key

Every American Express card comes with the extra security measure 'Safe Key'. Cardholders can only make payments with this security check if the bank or card issuer adds this specific service to the credit card. In some cases, when paying with American Express, you will be asked to enter extra details next to your credit card details. This could either be a number of code digits on the back of the card or an additional password.


An overview of the advantages
  • Belongs to one of the largest credit card companies in the world
  • Expand your reach and receive payments from all over the world
  • Popular thanks to the extensive loyalty program
  • Fraud prevention by PAY.
  • Extra security check by PAY.
  • Easy and quick to integrate with your website or webshop

AMEX credit card availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full Service
xs Business Full Service
xs Corporate Full Service


The payment option AMEX is available worldwide.
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