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Professional all-in-one webshop software: Shoptrader

Shoptrader is an online webshop software that offers an all-in-one solution for all types of technical concerns by offering hosting, updates and support. The software has more than 50 fully SEO optimized and responsive templates. A Shoptrader webshop is suitable for both small and large online retailers. You can easily expand your Shoptrader webshop with the wide variety of add-ons.

Shoptrader Payments

Thanks to the automatic Shoptrader connection, you can use all payment services as offered by PAY. Examples of such payment methods are iDEAL, credit cards, and AfterPay. With the fully integrated module, you will be able to receive payments immediately after registration. In the back office of your Shoptrader webshop, you can control the payments via PAY. You do not have to log in to a separate website. The costs for using Shoptrader and the transaction costs are automatically settled which saves a lot of administrative work.

Hosted webshop solution

Shoptrader offers services to webshops via an innovative platform which is why costs are low. You also don’t have to worry about, or deal with, technical matters such as updates and link development.

The support department of Shoptrader is available 24/7.

Templates, SEO en meer features

With Shoptrader you can choose from various templates in different styles. All webshops are mobile responsive which means that your visitors can also visit your webshop with their mobile device or tablet. The Shoptrader platform also offers excellent possibilities for design: you can create the webshop you want! And with the SEO optimized software your customers will always be able to find your webshop quickly!

An overview of the advantages:

Easy to use
Shoptrader puts their users above anything else. User feedback is processed quickly and the back office is organized in such a way that allows every online entrepreneur to build the store of their dreams.

The online world is developing at a high pace. That’s why it is important that your online software can keep up with the speed of these developments. We ensure that the platform is continuously improved so that your online webshop always meets the latest standards.

Personal support
We know how important it is to receive quick and good support. That’s why we are always available for emergencies. We are also always happy to answer all your questions.

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