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Easily create a professional webshop with a few simple step: ShopFactory

The first version of the ShopFactory e-commerce system was created back in 1996. Ever since, the e-commerce system has optimized its platform. With the help of a software program called WYSIWYG editor, you can easily set up a professional webshop in just a few steps.

In the meantime, more than 2 billion orders are processed via more than 243.000 affiliated webshops. ShopFactory has also recently implemented a link with the PAY. platform, allowing you to integrate our payment methods within your ShopFactory webshop.

Try it (for free)

ShopFactory has a free trial period of 30 days. After that, the merchant can choose to either use the Pro or Gold package.

The Pro version offers almost all options a starting webshop needs. Do you have multiple webshops or maybe you are focusing on a more international online path? Then the Gold version offers the solution. Both versions offer a free hosting service including a domain name. With the option 'Facebook shop' you can also place your webshop on a Facebook page so that Facebook users can shop directly via this platform.

Do you want to use PAY.'s payment services within your ShopFactory webshop? You can do so with the help of our plugin. You can download the free plugin from the 'support' - 'files' tab in the Admin Panel. If you don’t have a PAY. account, you can create one for free and start receiving transactions via our popular payment methods.

Tutorial: opening a webshop with ShopFactory

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