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Your office on the go: CannonWorks

CannonWorks is a user-friendly online software for entrepreneurs to assists in their daily work. The plugin helps to create quotations and invoices, organize purchases and to manage projects. CannonWorks is useful for entrepreneurs who travel regularly. With CannonWorks you can easily access all the data on your smartphone.

CannonWorks is suitable for both independent entrepreneurs and SMEs. CannonWorks can be easily extended and connected with time registration and with various accounting packages. You can also use the plugin to arrange and keep an eye on your transactions.

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Offer invoices with iDEAL and a QR-code

With the PAY. link, CannonWorks users can offer their customers invoices with the iDEAL QR-code. The customer receives the invoice with an iDEAL payment button. Your customers also have the option to pay instantly while scanning the QR-code.

The CannonWorks user will receive a notification that the invoice has been paid and that the amount has been paid directly via iDEAL end2end.

In addition to iDEAL, CannonWorks also offers direct debit which allows CannonWorks users to take out subscriptions.

Quick start!

CannonWorks is easy-to-use. You can easily create an account in one minute with two simple steps. You have already completed the foundation of your company with details and a logo and you are ready to send your first quotation or invoice. You don't need to follow a course to understand CannonWorks.

CannonWorks is offered in a subscription form and you always get a one-month trial for free. You can choose from a wide range of different packages for various target groups via The CannonWorks subscription can be paused or canceled monthly, so you are not committed to anything.

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