Direct Debit

Periodic or one-off direct debit


In the Netherlands, direct debit is a commonly used payment method. It is often used for ongoing periodical payments, but it can also be used for a one-off payment. Because payments can take place at intervals agreed upon beforehand, direct debit is ideal for paying subscriptions and contributions.

Direct debit for your online shop or website

Direct debit is a payment method that automatically takes amounts out of the consumer’s bank account. This is useful for both periodic and one-off payments. Direct debit is a popular payment method among people who regularly purchase certain products or services. The transaction appears on the consumer’s bank statement right away and the amount is taken out of their account immediately.

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Officially, automatic direct debit always requires authorization from your customer. This authorization states the amount to be collected and the date of the collection. Once the authorization is in order, you can begin using this payment method.

Different forms of direct debit 

When you think of direct debit, you probably think of one-off or periodic payments for which you need either written or verbal authorization. That's correct! That's how this payment option works in general, but there is more to it than that. There are several different forms of direct debit.

  • General standing authorization: e.g. for subscriptions and contributions
  • One-off authorization: single payment, such as for promotions
  • Standing authorization for businesses: for business transactions, e.g. rent
  • Standing authorization for games of chance: specifically designed for online games

PAY. is happy to discuss the options with you and help you choose the right form of direct debit for your online shop or website.

The risks of direct debit

Like most other payment methods, there are downsides to direct debit as well. Every consumer has the right to withdraw a direct debit transaction via their bank by:

  • A reversal (or chargeback). This is possible up until 56 days after the transaction. The consumer can reverse a transaction at any time, with or without a written signature.
  • A so-called Report Unjustified Direct Debit. This is possible until 13 months after the transaction. Such a report is only deemed valid if no written signature from the customer (/account holder) is available.

The costs of a direct debit reversal and a Report Unjustified Direct Debit are listed on the packages and rates page.

If you want to use the direct debit payment method on your website, we ask that you describe your services first. This will allow us to assess the risks involved beforehand.

An overview of the advantages
  • Low transaction costs
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Set up direct debit transactions via an API or manually via the Admin Panel
  • No dependence on the customer when collecting the payment
  • Collection is possible from all SEPA bank accounts

Direct Debit availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


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