Amazon Pay

33 million users all over the world

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment system developed by that enables the company to give its users the option of ordering products with their Amazon account on external websites. This payment method is quite similar to PayPal. Amazon launched this service in a few countries in June of 2017. More countries will be added later this year.

The payment flow for the buyer

Your customer places an order in your online shop and chooses the Amazon Pay option during checkout. The transaction is initiated (PAY. sets up a transaction with Amazon behind the scenes), after which the user is redirected. The user logs in (or is already logged in) to their Amazon account. On the payment screen, they can select a means of payment (credit card, bank card or other option), after which the payment is processed. The transactions are “reserved” when the user clicks on the “confirm” button.

Via PAY., you can choose when to change the status of the payment from “reserved” to “paid”: immediately, within one hour or upon your request (via the API or the Admin Panel).

Receiving funds via Amazon Pay

Amazon sets the rates per Merchant. PAY. only charges a fee for facilitating the transaction as a DPSP (Distributing Payment Service Provider).

You will receive your funds directly from Amazon. You can access your transaction overview and export it from the Administration Panel. The revenue is added to the “external revenue” column in PAY.

You can refund orders (entirely or partially) via PAY. or Amazon. If you choose to issue a refund directly via Amazon Pay, PAY. will not be notified. This may result in discrepancies in your revenue overview. If a consumer files a dispute via PAY., this may have consequences. If you choose to refund via PAY., we will notify Amazon.

How can I use Amazon Pay via PAY.?

First of all, you need to create an Amazon Pay account. The onboarding process is quite complicated. You may think that you are all set, only to be asked to upload additional documentation after a few days. Amazon has a licence as a financial service provider in Luxembourg, while PAY. has been authorised by the Dutch oversight organisation. Since both organisations are based in the EU, they are both subject to the same laws and regulations. That means you should expect to be asked the standard questions, e.g. to submit a UBO statement, proof of identification and address, copies of a bank account statement, and your COC registration.

After creating your Amazon Pay account, you can add your online shop via Amazon’s admin panel. To do so, you must enter the URLs you use. You must also enter our URL to confirm the link. Read the “Amazon Pay connection guideline” for more information.


Offer Amazon Pay as a payment option in your online shop in just a few easy steps!
An overview of the advantages
  • Pay with a wallet
  • Available in more than 100 countries
  • More than 33 million Amazon Pay account holders
  • Enormous potential due to the extensive Amazon network

Amazon Pay availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional GateWay
xs Business GateWay
xs Corporate GateWay


Amazon Pay is available in 100+ countries.
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