Payment methods

Accept PayPal payments online.

PayPal is a popular and frequently used method for online payments all over the world. Using a personal (and free) account, consumers can immediately pay for their online purchases via credit card, bank transfer or their PayPal balance. This is also possible from a smartphone or tablet and does not require the consumer to enter any banking or credit card details.

Online shop with PayPal.

By offering PayPal in your online shop, you can reach potential customers all over the world. More than 169 million people use this payment service, which facilitates payments between consumers and between consumers and businesses. A payment can also be made via the user’s smartphone or tablet and without entering any credit card or banking details. Dutch online shoppers also use PayPal frequently; in the Netherlands, this payment service already has more than two million account holders.

Update for merchants using PayPal.

Due to a PayPal update, a reconnection between PayPal and Pay. is required. The old route will remain active until June 30th, 2022. Reconnecting PayPal with Pay. only takes 15 seconds and can be done as follows:

  1. Navigate to your Pay. account and add PayPal to your sales location again.
  2. Authorize Pay. within your PayPal account to initiate, view and/or refund transactions.
  3. Optimize your Pay. settings by indicating which data you want to share with PayPal per transaction and how you want to deal with multicurrency.

If you have multiple sales locations, you can select the PayPal profile for these sales locations or add a new PayPal account per sales location.


If you do not want to offer the credit card as a separate payment method in your online shop, you can still receive credit card payments with PayPal. Consumers do not even have to have a PayPal account of their own.

Implementing PayPal in your online shop.

To facilitate a quick and easy installation, we offer a range of online shop plug-ins for various open-source systems including OpenCart and Virtuemart, as well as other popular systems such as Luondo. In just a few simple steps, you'll have an online shop with PayPal. Before you can use the plug-in, you add your online shop to the Pay. Administration Panel. To implement PayPal, all you have to do is add the email address to our system. To get this email address, you must first create your own account with this payment service, which you can easily do online. You can use our guidelines to help you install the plug-ins. If you still have questions, our team is ready to help.

Pay.'s involvement in a PayPal payment.

We make sure that the consumer is directed to the right payment screen after selecting a payment method. When they choose PayPal, we therefore direct the visitor to the PayPal payment screen. The consumer does not notice our involvement at all. They can conduct their payment without having to go through any additional screens.

Pay. only charges a transaction fee for the processing of PayPal payments. Additionally, PayPal itself charges €0.35 plus a percentage (between 1.5% and 3.4%) of the total order amount. The exact percentage depends on your retail volume.


Why choose PayPal via Pay?

When you set up PayPal through Pay, we make sure that the transactions are processed correctly. When you use one of our plug-ins, this payment method is added to your payment screen. Furthermore, all PayPal payments will be added to your statistics, management reports and transaction overviews, enabling you to manage all your payment traffic with Pay.

An overview of the advantages.
  • Broad reach, popular payment method all over the world (in 190 countries)
  • The number of account holders is still increasing
  • Consumers can pay without entering any banking or credit card details
  • Option of receiving credit card payments
  • Easy integration via Pay.

Why Pay. behind every payment?

Growing with your business means you need as much relevant data and insights as possible. You'll find those in the dashboard and the Pay. app.

Pay. offers your customers all the payment methods they expect - and more. This way, you develop a superior customer experience and the highest conversion rate.


The widest range of payment solutions

All the payment solutions you need for an optimal customer experience.


Plugins for easy integration

Quickly and easily create a link to your webshop with Pay.'s plugins.


Conversion increasing features

Don't miss any more payments with Pay.'s conversion-enhancing features.


The payment partner of thousands of companies

Personalized service and technical support so you are always in control.

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