Bloemen Cadeau

The most colorful gift!

Bloemen Cadeau

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a nice plant for their home? Give your customers the opportunity to purchase flowers both online and offline with Bloemen Cadeau. This unique gift card has a wide acceptor network. Examples of physical florists are Euroflorist and Fleurop or online florists, Frederique's Choice, Florient Express and BloomPost. Your customer will always find a nice bouquet nearby. Bloemen Cadeau is the ideal gift for anyone who loves flowers!


How does it work?

Your customer will find his or her unique card code and PIN code on the back of the gift card. On the physical gift card, the PIN code can be found behind a protective layer that your customer needs to scratch off. The card code and PIN code can be entered on the website. Your customer will then immediately see the balance and the validity period.


The Bloemen Cadeau gift card can be used at a physical or online florist of your own choice. Click here for an overview of florists who accept Bloemen Cadeau.

The customer can choose to spend the entire amount on your website, but they can also choose to a save part of the credit for later. If the amount is lower than the credit on the card, then the remaining amount will stay valid. Is the total amount higher than the credit on the card? Then the customer can also pay the remaining amount via one of the other payment methods, such as iDEAL, credit card or one of the other popular payment methods.

Activate Bloemen Cadeau?

To activate the Bloemen Cadeau gift card, please contact the gift card supplier first via or by telephone via 023-517 57 26. We will then receive a signal from the gift card supplier that the card can be activated in your PAY. account. Stichting will then receive and process the Bloemen Cadeau transactions and pay the received transactions to you through the process of clearing.

Standard plugins

We have developed standard plugins for our customers for various popular webshop modules. This will enable you to add all the PAY. payment methods to your online webshop without changing the code. At the same time, you will have all your payment solutions together. Even if you use your own system, you can use the payment services of PAY. With the help of an example code, you can easily add the desired payment methods to your online webshop.

Bloemen Cadeau is an open-loop gift card. This means that your customer can’t spend
more than € 50,- per order and per gift card.

An overview of the advantages
  • Payments are made via Stichting
  • Can be used directly in your online webshop
  • Strong merchant network with a wide reach
  • Easy to integrate with our webshop plugins
  • Bloemen Cadeau can be used in online and offline stores
  • Promotion via the website of Bloemen Cadeau

Would you like to receive more information about Bloemen Cadeau? Contact us via or by telephone via 088-88 666 66 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

Bloemen Cadeau transactions

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xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


The payment option Bloemen Cadeau is available for merchants who are based in The Netherlands.
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