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Offer B2B Buy Now, Pay Later from NOTYD via Pay.

NOTYD (formerly known as Biller) is a B2B payment method that helps B2B and B2C&B online stores improve their checkouts processes, seeing benefits like higher acceptance rates, speedier credit checks, improved cash flow and flexible payment terms for buyers. Thanks to the Pay. integration, now you can add NOTYD in your checkout too!

Closing the gap between buyers and sellers.

In B2B e-commerce, there’s a payment gap: buyers want to pay as late as possible, and sellers want to get paid as soon as possible. NOTYD bridges the gap by providing a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution, letting buyers delay payment for up to 90 days, while paying the seller/merchant straight away.

NOTYD is part of the Banking Circle Group – an industry leader in the global banking and payment space – who provides financial solutions to some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Banking Circle currently processes €250 billion of European ecommerce payments.


NOTYD benefits.

Make it easy for businesses to buy from you.
If you make buying easy, you’ll get more transactions. With Biller, you make it possible to pay on invoice from the first purchase. No credit cards or trade accounts needed. We’re confident that it’ll bring people back to your store, time and time again.

Improve your cashflow – get paid in 7 days. Guaranteed.
Offering flexible payment terms while at the same time getting a guaranteed payment for every purchase solves your cash flow problems. And, it also solves your buyers’ cash flow problems. Everyone benefits.

Hand over your credit risk. We’ve got you covered.
You no longer need to turn potential customers away out of fear for their creditworthiness. We take on the risk of late or unpaid invoices so that you don’t have to. We can do so because we use AI: in a split second, we determine credibility. No risk for you. It’s ours.

The power of AI – trust is everything.

AI fuels our core. With it, we can make intelligent assessments of a customer’s ability to pay. Real-time credit checks look for patterns in behaviour to predict what will happen. This helps NOTYD to reduce risk and prevent fraud. This opens the doors to new customers, by evaluating them fairly. AI doesn’t care about a company’s size or analyse payment behaviour like a traditional credit agency. AI scans the market for business presence, leading to a result that speaks to a company’s potential, not just their past. Credit agencies usually reach a full stop when they can’t find information – an immediate rejection. NOTYD says “let’s find out more”. 

NOTYD expands your customer base, from corporates to startups, small businesses and freelancers, by enabling a higher acceptance rate. Remember, the risk is NOTYD's, never yours. 

Together, we’ll support the next generation of businesses and entrepreneurs.


Get started with NOTYD via Pay. today.

Getting started with NOTYD via Pay. is as easy as flicking a switch. You just need to provide proof that you’re a registered business, such as your registration with the local Chamber of Commerce. Once you’re verified, activate your NOTYD account in the Pay. dashboard. It’s now a seamless step in your payment flow!

Benefits of NOTYD at a glance.
  • Easy to get started – one verification and you’re good to go.
  • Simple invoice payments – no credit card or trade account needed.
  • Simplify the checkout experience and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Offer flexible credit terms to customers – up to 90 days.
  • Increase your acceptance rate and customer base.
  • Wave goodbye to invoice chasing.
  • Improve cash flow – get paid in 7 days. Guaranteed.

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