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Pay in three instalments, no interest

In3 - Spread Payment

With in3 Payment by Instalment, you give your customers the option to pay for products in three equal instalments. This unique interest-free payment service does not require a Credit Registration Office (BKR) registration and/or loan agreement. Because payments by instalment significantly lower the threshold to spend larger amounts, your online shop’s average order value will increase! 

When using the payment by instalment method, the first instalment is paid immediately during your online shop’s checkout process. The second and third instalments are paid to in3 within 30 and 60 days respectively.

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In3 in three steps

How does it work?

In3 - Payment by Instalment is a unique payment method that will increase the average value of your online shop orders. The method is also extremely simple to use:

  • The customer chooses the in3 Payment by Instalment option. If the customer has entered all their information during the checkout process, in3 will evaluate the customer’s creditworthiness in a split second during the redirect.
  • If the customer is approved, they will immediately pay the first instalment via iDEAL, after which the order can be delivered.
  • After paying the first instalment, the customer will receive an email containing the payment details for the second and third instalments, which are paid via in3's systems.
  • Thirty days after the first payment, the customer will pay the second instalment. The final instalment will follow suit on day 60.

The advantages of spread payment via in3:

In3 Payment by Instalment is ideal for larger purchases, such as home appliances, electronics or furniture, as well as electric bicycles, gadgets or jewellery. The possibilities are endless.

No conversion killers

Because the instalments are paid within sixty days, this delayed payment – just like the standard payment in arrears – falls outside AFM supervision, there is no need for a Credit Registration Office (BKR) registration and you do not have to add any conversion-killing banners to your website. Instead, you can use in3 by Instalment as a marketing tool by adding banners to your front page to inform customers of the options.

Whitepaper Spread Payments

An overview of the advantages
  • Ideal for higher amounts
  • Your customer can pay in interest-free instalments
  • No Credit Registration Office registration or loan agreement required
  • No “Caution! Borrowing money costs fees!” messages in your online shop
  • Increased average order value
  • High degree of acceptance due to the instalments being spread out
  • The risk of non-payment can be sold off 
  • Available for both B2C and B2B orders
  • Easy integration via PAY.

In3 availability

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